Friday, May 21, 2010

Mommy Moments--Mother's Day 2010

---母の日 ちけっと, Happy Mother's Day ticket---

"Mama, what do you like to have as a present on Mother's Day?" My daughter Wakaba asked me one day and I answered " A one day ticket to have a date with your Dad! " ( Mama to Daddy dake no rabu-rabu date ) and grin but she gave me a firm " Dame! " (no answer--which is expected coz she sees me as her rival to her Dad lol!) then she asked her Dad on what he like to receive on Father's Day. Her Dad replied "a sports tire!" (wearing a big grin)"Daddy, sore wa jibun de katte yo ne!" ( buy them with your own pocket!) then we had a big laugh about it!
*** Here comes Mother's Day***
My dear Wakaba gave me her gift on Mother's Day that surprised me. I thought it would be her project at school for Mom's Day but it wasn't---A one day ticket to have a date with his Dad!!Finally lol!\(^0^)/ She told me that she will look after Haruka and play outside together with some of her friends so we could go out for a date. Then off we go for a walk around the city ( just near at our apartment )and went for a coffee break at Doutor ( coffee shop in Japan) and felt exactly like the first time when we had our first date, enjoying ourselves! We went back at home after 2 and a half hours then Wakaba and Haruka gave me a lawn grass(?)I dunno what it's called but it looks like a grass/weeds for me that they collected somewhere, you know kids lol!)and shouted 母の日おめでとう!!( Happy Mother's Day!)and gave some drawings of me. I almost melt coz all they wanted is to make me happy and be pleased-- I put the oh well, the grass with a lil bit of flowers (lol) on a vase and displayed in the kitchen and started cooking for dinner--I was almost through when I started to feel something strange into my system... non-stop sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes. My allergy is reacting so bad and it's coming from what they gave me!(T_T) I have no choice but to throw them away the next day, explaining to them why I have to and they understand. Buti na lang buhay pa ako lol! But what the heck, my kids are the sweetest, I enjoyed my day and at least I can shout to the world that " Nasolo ko na rin ang asawa ko sa wakas!! "\(^0^)/
---A date with my husband minus the kids at Doutor------Wakaba's drawing of me, done at home---
---Haruka's drawing of me, project at school---
---My kids work of art is always displayed in our room---
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Tetcha said...

I love lookiing at your kids' drawings. They're really cute. What made those drawings special is the thought that your kids made them for you. That's sweet! My Mommy Moments' entry is up, too, Mommy!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Sweet din pala ng girls mo ha,It's very nice of Wakaba to baby sat her li'l sister while you and hubs is having a date (w/ her consent,of course,lol!)

Ebie said...

Clarissa, ang galing ng mga anak mo, very sweet and considerate and loving.

Artistic pa! They have great talents.

Dito na ang aking bagong "bahay":

Deranged Insanity.

Cecile said...

Clang, you kids are so sweet; love those arts they did just for you...galing naman nila mag drawing...very cute eh!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Sa wakas pinayagan ka na ring magdate hahaha... Enjoyed the conversation nyo nina wakaba lol.. Practical joker pala sya lol!

Fun Filled Mother's day

Anonymous said...

What great art work! They really make mommyhood worthwhile, don't they?
Uyy.. a date with the hubby.. hehe :) Its nice to go out with just the 2 of you once in a while..

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

Grabe naman.. kinilig ako sa coffee date nyo at natouch naman ako sa mga pretty girls natin.. Nakakatunaw naman talaga ang ginawa nila, kasi parang pati puso ko natunaw hehe.. I wish na maging ganyan ka-thoughtful at sweet ni Anzu paglaki.. I can't wait to receive her first sketch for me.. so sweet nila talaga, especially our Wakaba Chan.. ateng ate na talaga sya. I love them...

Chris said...

beautiful... super sweet!

love your post :D

by the way, got an award for you

kimmy said...

you have such very sweet wonderful kids!

anney said...

Ang sweet namn ng mga bulinggits mo! Ang galing mag drawing ha!

Ladynred said...

What a beautiful drawings for Mother's day.Very special indeed!

David said...

ang sweet ng mga kids mo mami.... like andrea she gives me the (weeds) we call it dandelion. Buti nalang di ako allergy noon kasi she loves to pick them up and give to me and she will say... mama flower... marami namang ibang flower mas type talaga nya yong weeds lol

Lulu on hubby's acct

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