Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sukiyaki at home!

Who says you can't do sukiyaki at home? I know that dining out is a kind a pricey but you can make a home-style sukiyaki right into your home! I made a homestyle sukiyaki at home last night and I want to share again the recipe.

3/4 cup water
1/3 cup soy sauce
3 tbsps sake ( japanese rice wine )
5 tbsps sugar

beef - thinly sliced
negi ( leek ) - 1 pc
carrot - 1 pc
hakusai ( chinese cabbage ) - 1/4 pack
yaki- dofu (grilled tofu) - 1 cake
shirataki noodles(yam noodles) - 1/2 pack
shiitake mushrooms - 1 pack
shimeji mushrooms - 1 pack
chrysanthemum leaves - 1/2 pack
2 tablespoons oil


1: Cut all ingredients into bite-sized pieces.
2: Mix A to make sukiyaki sauce.
3: Boil shirataki noodles, set aside.
4: Put oil and fry some beef slices into the skillet, then pour A in the pan.
5: Add other ingredients when the sauce starts to boil except for grilled tofu and leek.
6: Simmer until all ingredients are softened, add grilled tofu and leek, simmer for a while.
7: Add chrysanthemum leaves just before you eat them.

Our family don't add raw eggs for the sukiyaki but you can add raw eggs for dipping if you like. Enjoy!! ^_^


Dhemz said...

wow mommy Clarz...galing mo palang magluto....hmmm very interesting ang recipe na ito ah...very japanese...hehheh...joke!

Wow ganda ng presentation...very colorful..tapos heart shapes pa yung carrots....hhehehe!

Nako Mommy Clarz...may pinoy store kasi dito..mga 15 mins lang...kaya nakakabili ako ng pinoy stuff..wala ba jan? minsan sila mama ko nagpapadala from pinas...kaya minsan may stock ako...hehehe...:)

D kapa nakapagluto non? try mo...first time ko din yun...hehhe..not bad...masabaw nga lang....hhahaha!

eden said...

hello clarissa.. nagugutom tuloy ako. i haven't tried cooking sukiyaki yet. I may try one day with your recipe. thanks for sharing.

Dee said...

Mukhang masarap talaga siya, Clarissa! I like the heart shaped carrots! Nice! And it looks really healthy with all the vegetables. Actually, Japanese cuisine is one of my favorites. I haven't tried Sukiyaki, though. I will add this to my list of recipes. Thanks! ;D

Cecile said...

This is making me hungry, Clarissa :-) kailan ko kaya matitikman luto mo :-)

Mommy Liz said...

Ito pala ang Sukiyaki? Ang dami namang sangkap? Baka naman wala na akong time na lutuin to, gusto ko mga easy recipe lang, tamad ako eh, hehehe...Pero ang sarap ng itsura nya ha..

Chubskulit Rose said...

Another japanese dish, wow dami mo na alam clarz... mahilig ka ba talaga magluto dati pa? ako kasi nung nagasawa lang ako nahilig, i hate cooking when i was single hehehe...

napansin ko din yung heart shape na carrots hehehe.. very artistic!

Her Glitter Life said...

Wow! this is really good. Ang sarap naman nito. Ang glaing mo pa lang magluto. Hope we could hanging-up so that you can shared your secret to! I have a tag for you girl. love yah!

Kim, USA said...

wow mommy clare ang galing at ang creative mo, heart shape pa gyong carrots mo. ang ganda nang presentation din parang nasa restaurant.

eds said...

ay ang sarap nman neto..ang tanong kung sakaling lutuin ko to me mahanap kaya akong ingredients? Next, kainin nman kaya nang mapili kong hubby .. hmmmm... pero i like it ha.. galing mo pa lang magluto ate clarissa unlike me kung kelan nag-asawa tsaka pa lang nagppraktis ehehe...

Clarissa said...

@Mommy Dhemz: Cookie cutter lang ang katapat ng carrots na yan and Wakaba did that!
Walang pinoy store dito sa amin,pago-order ka sa on-line lang,mahal pa kasi may delivery charge!(T_T)Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@ Mommy Eden: Feel try to do the recipe,madali lang yan!Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Mommy Dee: I will be posting more of what I have learned here.Nice to know that you also like Japanese foods.Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Ate Cecile: Ikaw talaga,Te ha!!Punta ka rito!!\(^0^)/Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Mommy Liza: Madali lang po yan--you don't have to add soups or salads when preparing sukiyaki kasi healthy cya.Most of the ingredients are vegetables.Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Ate Rose: Saka lang ako nagluto mula nung nag-asawa ako.Tinuruan lang ako ng Mother-In-Law ko sa pagluluto kasi we live with them for 3 years.Wala din akong hilig sa pag-luluto dati!Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Mommy Maria: Oo naman!Ikaw pa!Kaya lang ang layo mo naman(T_T)kaya recipe lang ang maishe-share ko.Post ka rin ng recipe mo ha!!Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Ate Kim: Arte lang yan,Te!Mahal kumain sa labas eh!Wakaba helped me with those heart shaped carrots.Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@ Eds: Oo naman!You can find the ingredients at your favorite local asian store.I'm sure he'll like it.If you have questions of doing it,you can leave me a message.Thanks for dropping by!^_^

Umma said...

I love hot pot hahaha.. but here its so expensive bec I always compare the price to Taipei thats why nanghinayang ang beauty ni lola.. sometimes we just buy stuff and cook at home...

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