Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ala- INDIE JONE'S Adventure!!

Our family went for an adventure last summer which is new to me and the family and that is going to a limestone cave. I love nature and impressed on how nature works and it excites me a lot! You’ll see some drip stones on the roof of the cave which is so impressive. It is 600 meter long path course inside the cave. The kids are very cooperative, they walk through some creepy paths and climb stairs without complaining at all and I can see it through their eyes that they're thrilled, too! While walking and enjoying the cave’s beautiful formation, I heard my mind singing the Indiana Jones theme: tatarara–tataraa—tatararaaaa—tantann!! There’s no crystal skull there but what awaits us is an impressive drip stones and hearing some water dripping which is soo pleasing to the ears that makes me feel closer to nature. I wanted to share what we have seen in there, so enjoy!!

It's dark in there and creepy, too!!


Do you hear water dripping?

Haruka climbing the stairs!

This Christmas tree is over 2 meter high


If I had to pick between shopping and exploring a cave or camping, it would be camping and exploring a cave! ^_^ I love nature!!


Azumi's Mom ★ said...

Hi ate Clarissa.. Genki? parang ganyan din napuntahan namin last year sa Ibaraki naman. Iba talaga mga nature trips dito sa Japan no, amazing. Nape-preserve talaga nila. Kung tutuusin, madami din nature trips sa tin, yung iba di lang na-me maintain ng maayos.

Car racer ka ba? Dati din nung colleg pa ko, mahilig ako sa drag racing, and syempre, honda ang baby ko nun.. Actually di pa ko nakakapanood ng car race dito, lalo na ang F1 kainis... sama mo ko?lol pala ang personal blog ko. Yunglabambita, for my baby only hihi... ang arte no. Jya, mata ne... sana makapag EB tayo pag napasyal kamidyan, or napasyal kayo ng tokyo.

Unknown said...

great pic friend...

happy blogging...^^

Umma said...

The pictures look great Clarz... I never been to camping my hubby keep on bugging me before to go camping but I always said no hahaha..
You know why, I hate sleeping in the tent or in the cabin.. I just want my bed all the time..its cozy.

Reanaclaire said... adventurous.. as for me, i dont like climbing..haha.. but i salute to yr kids..they looked like they were enjoying themselves too..

Clarissa said...

@Bambi:Maganda nga ang mga nature trips dito sa Japan,kahit saan yata meron!
My hubby is an occassional racer,not me--if that so,I would like to invite you this March 19 for Mugen Circuit Challenge at Tsukuba Circuit,maraming racer dun. If given a chance I would like to meet you,we will be there to cheer.We were supposed to be at Suzuka to watch F1 Japan Grand Prix this year,kaya lang Honda Team quitted F1 di ba?(T_T)
Thanks for dropping!I'll drop by to ur site,dun tayo mag-chika!^_^

Clarissa said...

@Yay: Thanks for dropping by!How's Indonesia?^_^
@Mommy Umma: Si Mommy Umma naman, baka magka-galos lang ang iyong makinis na skin pag nagpunta ka dun! Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Clare: Yes, the kids really enjoyed themselves there--it's so creepy that we have to crawl to pass.Thanks for dropping by!^_^

WHITEShadow said...

this is a one big adventure. really look scary.

Beth said...

i like this! bkit walang ganito sa tin?! thanks for posting the pics! I'll ask hubby to take us to camping sites too! hehehe inggit!

Cens World said...

hi clarissa, thanks for the comments. You are right, kinda creepy but i am sure lots of fun as well!!

have a nice day

EJ said...

Hello Ms. Clarissa, I would pick nature trekking too over shopping..

eden said... beautiful. that is so much fun for you guys. I love adventure too.
by the way, thanks for your comment.

happy valentines.

Dee said...

Oh, I'd love to go this place! Very beautiful! Your pictures say so. I really love this!:)

Happy Valentines Day, Clarissa! Take good care! :)

Kim, USA said...

Hi clare, that cave is so awesome. I like exploring nature too it just amaze me all the time. Happy Valentines day!

Dhemz said...

wow! very very pretty...great adventure Mommy Clarz...hehhehe!

Thanks nga pala sa comment..hehhe..don't will know about it...kung mag start kana to write paid try mo na magsubmit ng blog sa mga paid sites?

Kumusta na pala jan? San kayo sa VD? hehhe..ano gift mo kay banana? ano guft nya sayo? kami parang crisis...kaya dko lam ano plan ni banana ko...hehhehe!

Her Glitter Life said...

That's a wonderful adventure sister. I would love to experience that too with my girl. Happy Valentines Day to you and your family. So what's the plan for tomorrow?

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