Friday, February 20, 2009

Haruka chan, now 3!!!

Haruka on her first birthday

My Dear Haruka--- How time flies... Haruka was born on Febuary 20,2006, 8:30 a.m. and a 3,518 grams healthy baby. Since I had a fever when I was giving birth to her, I was not the one who first touched her but my Sister-In-Law because she's the one who helped me give birth, my midwife, my nurse. Haruka was named after NHK's morning drama entitled ' Kaze no Haruka', there's no name meaning in particular but sounds cute(according to her Daddy) that's why we chose Haruka. She was breastfeed for a year, her first tooth showed during her 4 months, and knows how to walk before her first birthday. Knows how to drink on a cup and use chopsticks at the age of year and a half. Last summer, her diaper is totally removed!! I'm happy that I was able to see her milestones in life and really blessed for having her as our child.
I LOVE YOU, HARUKA!! \(^0^)/

Haruka on her 2nd birthday

Haruka on her 3rd birthday

Haruka celebrates her 3rd birthday at my Mother-In-Laws home. Her GrandMom cooked for her birthday party!
A gift cash from Great Grand Mom

I love baking cakes for my kids!!!


niko said...

wow!!! ur haruka is ur xerox copy clang!!! :) she looks just like you!!! pretty mom and daughter :)

and teach me how to bake a cake.. it might give u a headache coz i dont really know anything in the kitchen! :)

happy birthday haruka!!! big hug and kisses from the philippines mwah mwah

EJ said...

Happy birthday princess haruka! You're so lucky because you have a vey loving Mom and a great cook!

May your daughter have a healthy life!

Umma said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Haruka.. I like the sound of her name.. sounds unique hahaha..

Impressive ang milestones ni Haruka.. at 1.5 yo she already knew how to use chops? wow! What did you do Clarz? galing naman ni Mommy.

Dee said...

Happy, happy birthday, Haruka! I wish you the best in life. And I wish too that I have a daughter as cute as you, hehe. :D

Wow, Mommy Clarissa, your cake is so beautiful. So stylish. I love it. You're so galing! :D

Have a wonderful day! :D

Chubskulit Rose said...

Happy birthday Pretty Haruka.. Oo nga Clarz, ang galing naman nya sa chopstick, ako 35 na pero until now di pa marunong hahaha..

Mommy Liz said...

ay ang sarap naman ng cake na yan..parang gawa ng professional ah..
Happy Belated Birthday to Haruka, I wish you more and more birthdays to come, so that your mommy will keep baking cakes..

Pa sosyo sa mother in law mo, hahahaha!

eds said...

wow shes really cute.. happy birthday haruka..

hehe pwede ba paturo magbake? mukhang masarap yang cake ni haruka hehe

richard said...

Belated to your lovely daughter Haruka...may she have all the wonderful blessings in the world, for start she is so to have a mother like you, who love her so dearly....

Again happy b-day to her and have a great to you Clarissa, thank you so much for always visiting my blog...

Kim, USA said...

Happy Birthday to Haruka!! Time flies so quick and kids grow like weeds hehehe. Nako di mo lang mamalayan may teen-ager ka na.

I am so impressed of your cake clare wow grabe di ko kaya yan. I only knew how to cook pero I am not good in baking and never even dare to try wahhhhh!!

Yeheyyyy you breastfeed Haruka thumbs up ako sa iyo dyan. I believe in breastfeeding than babies who are feed in formula. Makita mo ang resulta clare sa pag breastfeed mo because they will grow smart, healthy and the bonding between you and your kids is tight.

I am almost 43 di ko pa alam ang chopstick I tried to learn how but I give up no more chance na ata ako hehe.

eden said...

woww.. happy 3rd birthday dear Haruka. She is so pretty just like you. Looks like you had lots of fun on her birthday. I like the b-day cake. it looks so yummy.

hugs and kisses

WHITEShadow said...

Wow! those food looks yummy! good looking kid. Enjoy and thanks for dropping by.

Reanaclaire said...

cool, lady..u can bake cake i wish i can do that .. over here, i always order and buy from them.. one fine day, i must learn.. perhaps u can give me your recipe day..haha..

Anonymous said...

wow nahuli na c tita grace sa pagbati haha anyway happy birthday haruka be good girl always to mama at papa

anney said...

looks so yummy naman yung na bake mong cake! Belated happy bday to your baby! have a great week!

Cecile said...

Happy Birthday, Haruka :-), here is a hug from me and jacob :-)

Clarissa said...

@ Niko: madali lang mag-bake ng cake but it needs a lot of practice.You will know on how to do them if you want.Thanks for the greetings!!^_^
@Mr.Joops: Thanks for the greetings and for dropping by!How's your visit here in Japan btw?^_^
@Mommy Umma: Maaga ring natuto si Wakaba sa chopsticks pero mas maaga si Haruka.Gumagaya kasi cya sa Ate nya eh!Thanks for the greetings and for dropping by!^_^
@Dee: Napansin ko yung proffy pic mo,sa Disney ba yan?Thank you po sa papuri,sa greetings at visits!^_^
@Ate Rose: Thanks for the greetings!! hahahaaa!!Ikaw talaga,Te! ^_^Thanks for dropping by!
@Mommy Liza: lahat ng birthday cakes nila,ako ang gumawa.Mahal kasi kung bibilhin mo pa!Pare-pareho lang yan sila lahat,design lang ang iba.Thanks for the greetings and for dropping by!^_^
@Eds: Ok lang, pwede bang tagalog?Hirap akong mag-english eh!hahahaa!Thanks for the greetings and for dropping by!^_^
@Mr.Richard: Thanks for the greetings and thank YOU for always dropping by,too!^_^

Dhemz said...

wow happy birthday baby Haruka...big girl ka na..hehhehe...:)

talaga Mommy Clarz...ikaw nag bake nang mga cake na yon? galing mo naman..bow ako sayo..mahilig din akong magbake...hhehe...not from scratch...kasi mahihirapan si lola mo...ehehheh!

hug and kisses from us Haruka....mag kasing edad lang pala kayo ni Akesha!

TINTIN said...

Happy Belated 3rd Birthday to Haruka. She is cute and I love your birthday's lovely!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

belated happy birthday HARUKA CHAN.. OMEDETOU.

Ate napaka advance naman ng mga kids mo, that only means magaling ka magturo... my gosh my baby has turned 4 months already, lately nanggigil na sya.. is that a sign of teething?

Jya mata ne... mwah// chu**

Clarissa said...

@Mommy Eden: Thanks po for the greetings and for dropping by!^_^
@Ate Kim: hahahaa!!oo nga eh--lumalaking makukulit!Thaks for dropping by!^_^
@Mommy Dhemz: from scratch talaga ako kung gumawa--tinuruan lang ako ng sis-in-law ko dati nung nakatira pa kami sa kanila dati.Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@WhiteShadow: Thanks for the compliment!Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Reanaclaire: hahahaa!!maybe you can share some of yours,too?Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Sister Grace: Thanks for the greetings and for dropping by!^_^
@Anney: Thanks for the greetings and for the visits!^_^
@ate Ces: Thank you po at sa lahat ng walang sawang dalaw!!^_^
@Tintin: Maybe we can share recipes to each other?I love yours,too!Thanks for the greetings and for dropping by!^_^
@Bambi: Siguro palagi cyang gumagaya sa ate nya kasi gusto nya kahit anong gawin ni Wakaba yun din yung ginagawa nya.I thinks Azumi chan is on her teething stage--si Wakaba four months pa lang cya tinubuan na ng ngipin.Thanks for the greetings and for dropping by!^_^

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