Thursday, December 8, 2011


My daughter Wakaba seem to be interested in unicycling when some of the kids in the neighborhood were practicing their own unicycle near the apartment. She was itching to have her own and we decided to buy her one last summer. After she's done with her assignments, off she go to have a practice together with me for at least one to two hours a day. She was eager to learn and I knew she's a challenger and she seem to enjoy it with me ( she said that lol) and Haruka chan. Wakaba rides her unicycle almost everyday and even though she can now ride it herself without my help, she wanted me to see her doing it lol! I'm sharing now this video taken last autumn when Wakaba succeded unicycling for the first time without my help ^_^

Wakaba's proud moments ^_^


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Pink MagaLine said...

Wow ang galing! Congrats Wakaba! I can't imagine myself doing that. Feeling ko tutumba ako at subsob sa semento. Haha!

Unknown said...

wow, that's great! isn't that dangerous?

visiting from MM!

Unknown said...

here again for Colorful Connection :)

anne said...

ang galing naman, hehehe parang anghirap niyan ah pero andali dali sa kanya... Hehhee

My Daily Mumbles

J.Rylie.C said...

That looks like fun Tita! I wuld like to try it someday. Welcome back to CC.

tatess said...

She is so cute unicycling.I find it hard to learn with only one cyle and at my age. kids relly enjoyed riding on the street. it is also a good exerciser.

May said...

Hi Mommy Clarissa! Ang galing naman ni Wakaba at her first unassisted attempts at unicycling! Kudos! I'm sure she will be very good with much practice.

Haven't visited here in a loooong time! But I'm glad I was able to bloghop here. I love that you have so many colorful photos! Hope you can also join the Colorful Weekend link party to share all of your colorful stuff! It's a meme that I host every week{end} where everyone links up a post with their colorful photos. It can be anything... an old or new post, kids, landscape, crafts, food, anything! Hope to see you there sometime. :) {The latest is still ongoing so I hope you hop in!} Works great in tandem with other memes too like Color Connection.

Rcel said...

Wow!!!! What a skill and a talent! Awesome job to your daughter, Mommy! :)

Visiting for MM! Hope you can visit our Mother-Daughter Time, if you get a chance! :)

Icar said...

that's a talent-unicycling I think is not easy to learn and do, congratulations to Wakaba, way to go dear!

MJ Rodriguez said...

Wow! That looks hard. Your daughter is a fast learner indeed to have master the unicycle so quick.

Chris said...

galing talaga daughter mo! fast learner ;) glad you can join again at Mommy Moments!

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