Thursday, December 15, 2011

秋の運度会~ Sports Festival 2011

Our family had a load of fun at Haruka's autumn Sports festival at her school and it'll be her last undokai in kindergarten. My kids Grannies was there with full support (*^o^*)
This year's undokai was different as last year's undokai because we're still dealing with the mess of the radiation and since it's done outdoor,the school decided to make the program shorter to finished in the morning. It was indeed easy for some moms because we don't have to wake-up early and prepare obentou (lunchbox) for lunch but for me it's kinda "kulang".
Well anyway, even though it wasn't like the past undokai everybody had smiles on their faces and enjoyed watching and cheering on their kids. The day starts with the kids marching out, then with a prayer and after that, the undokai begins. Haruka did pretty well on relay race which amazed all of us! I bet she's just too active playing outdoor with some other kids in the neighborhood lol!
I also enjoyed the hilarious ( I mean it!) race with Mommies versus Daddies because we Moms have to wear an afro wig (LOL), remove our shoes and we put on rainboots and pose for a picture then run while the Dads have to wear a kigurumi costume ( sleeping wear party costume), pose for a picture and run. Pretty insane right? But everybody had a good laugh including us lol!
Beside the game, there were also some performances. Here's some of the photos that I've been wanting to share, ENJOY!^_^

Ready..... Go!!!!

Super fast!!

See on the right side,her big sissy is also cheering for her~ 'Gambaree!!' said Wakaba^_^

Hubby wearing kigurumi costume

That's me wearing afro wig lol!

Three-legged Race

Father-daughter tandem, perfect!!!


Haruka chan with her Dad, all smile ^_^

mommy moments


Mirage said...

hahaha, you look so cute in an afro wig! ^_^ tawa ko ng tawa dito. Hishaburi ne, namiss ko naman ang blog mo!

Tetcha said...

Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun. I love that Afro wig! Happy MM! Here's my entry:

daisy said...

that was hilarious! was the afro wig heavy? looked like it was!

Icar said...

I like the costumes and the wig!!!I bet everyone not just your family had a good time!

happy MM mommy clarissa!here's my entry

Chris said...

what a fun day! :d happy Christmas to you! :D

Leah H. said...

So wonderful! Lots of fun!

Visiting for CW! Hope you can visit mine too..

MJ Rodriguez said...

Wow! The event looked like it was really great fun! You can see from all the pictures that everybody was smiling and laughing and I'm sure your family enjoyed it thoroughly.

Happy MM!

Jac said...

I love all the pictures mommy Clang especially the one na naka afro wig ka so cute... It is nice to see kids na todo bigay during undokai mas lalong nakaka enjoy pag mga parents na ang nag participate.... have a lovely day...

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