Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taking Full Advantage This Summer

I am taking full advantage ( again ) of our summer together while my kids is on their summer break. Even though they require a lot of time and energy, they all worth the effort! Our family had a couple of out-of-town vacation ( I'll post it here when I have the time ) together with their Grannies and since we will not be going home in Namie for the Obon Holiday , Wakaba and Haruka will be sleepingover at their Grannies home in Koriyama minus us. We promised to the kids that we will allow them to sleepover at their Grannies home as long as their homeworks from school is done and they did ^_^

Summer is ain't over yet and we will be out again for a three day fun in Nagano ( minus their Grannies ) before the class resumes. Hurrah for summer!!!
Had fun shopping with their Grannies at Sano Premium Outlet in Tochigi, Japan
Enjoyed lotsa rides at Mobi Park Twin Ring Motegi,Japan
Window shopping at Mitsui Outlet Park, Sendai Port Japan
Tanabata Matsuri

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Willa @ SmartBoys said...

Hurray for summer indeed!!!! In few more weeks, it'll be over and school time once again for our kiddos!

Pink MagaLine said...

Everybody likes summer eh? Sun, picnic, summer sales.. ahh.. we love them all! :D

Mommy Jes said...

i love the first pic :D bkit naka ganun kayu sis? So cute! :) nweis tHanks for dropping by...solo time muna kyu ni hubby habang wala kiddos heheh :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

You three are so Japanese looking in your kimonos that no one will ever suspect that you are Pinays (half Pinays for your kids). You all seem to have recovered very well and are enjoying your lives especially this summer. Your kids seem to be doing well in school. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Dhemz said... all the pics mamiClang..lalo na ang mga smiley faces pretty!

summer break pala jan...bukas first day of school ni Akesh na...ehhehehe...:)

thanks pala for your comments, visits and sympathy...much appreciated!

niko said...

i sooo love all the pictures teh! himala at ksma ka sa eksena sa first picture ha! haponesa ka rin tlga teh :)

ung last picture pa frame mo teh ha! ganda ng dalawang dalaga mo jan teh loveeeeeeeeet much!

anne said...

That's my summer dream, yung nd busy, unwind lang palagi. Thanks for the visit clarissa

Alma Banot-Banabana said...

Hello, clar! Howdy? So nice reading your journals here....kmusta?:)

Unknown said...

everyone loves summer talaga.. but here in pinas is rainy season na ^.^

thanks sis for the drop till next ^.^

prosperitymelandria said...

what a wonderful day to celebrate with the family. thanks for the visit: )

Mylene said...

Cute ni Wakaba and Haruka in their dresses!

dahappywife said...

Is that Totoro? Ang cuuuute!

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