Thursday, August 11, 2011

When We Watch Movie Together

---When watching a movie in Japan, you can buy detailed books which give the full background of the movie, stars, directors, etc.---

The first time we watched a movie together was the time when I was still working in Fukushima . I was quite excited coz it'll be my first time to watch a movie in Japan but when we entered the cinema it wasn't what I expected. Watching a movie here is expensive, it's about 1,800 JPY!! And unlike the movie theater in the Philippines, it wasn't that dark and the people watching seems like to be soo serious ( well I guess they're also busy reading the subtitles--the first movie that we watched together was STARWARS Attacks of the Clone by the way so it was an English language movie ). I mean they're really, really QUIET. I can't remember if I enjoyed the movie with my boyfriend ( now husband) coz I was being observant on my first movie experience in Japan.
The second time that we watched a movie was two years ago, summer and of course with Wakaba and Haruka with us and it's their first experience to watch a movie,too. I wonder why Wakaba choose Evangelion:2.0 You Can(not)Advance instead of a Disney movie---it is a very complicated anime movie and not easily be understood by kids of their age but we watched it anyway ( coz we love the Evangelion anime series ) believing that they'll be sleeping during the half hour of the movie. Haruka did but Wakaba watched the whole movie! After watching Evangelion, I asked my husband if we can watch one more another movie ( I just can't let it pass!) coz my favorite TV drama series ROOKIES The Movie:Graduation ( the finale was form in the movie )was showing at the same time that day--my husband said yes but I have to watch it alone...Geees!! But I did lol! My husband tend to the kids at the mall while I was watching the movie ALONE lol. We don't watch movies in a big theater now but rather watch them at home on DVD's. We can't afford anymore to watch a movie on a big screen!!! ---Detailed book of the movie---

---trailer of Evangelion:2.0 You Can(not)Advance, you'll meet the new character in this movie and a lot of... ( don't wanna spoil it, better WATCH IT for yourself!)---

---I don't know how many times I cried to this movie---
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Chubskulit Rose said...

Parang ang gandang panoorin ng Rookie Clang hehehe. Eh ako nga di pa nakapanood ng TV dito lol.

Thanks for the greetings.

lina@women's perspectives said...

Watching movies at cinemas isn't expensive here. I've just seen Harry Potter and Transformers :)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Dalawang beses lng yata ako naka panood ng movie sa theater dito, itong mga anakins ko di pa. parang super action yan clang ahh.

nuts said...

The last movie that we watched is KungFu Panda, and I don't think it will have second round, maybe next year. lol. The ticket price is too costly.. lol

niko said...

sinamahan sana kita manood ng drama series na yan sa sinehan teh :) lam mo nmn ang lalaki ayaw ng drama :D pero di pa ko nakaknood alone ha :D dilim kc sinehan dito so scary :D hihihi

ginto pla sine jan teh! grabee ang presyo ha. may ksamang meryenda at dinner na yan pag dito :D hihi

Mirage said...

hubby will be thrilled to learn of the Evangelion movie! Fun family bonding!

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