Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mitsui Outlet Park, Sendai Port

The city of Sendai suffered tremendous damage from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami and have been completely restored ( except at the coastal area ). Our family went to Mitsui Outlet Park at Sendai Port recently and it's been awhile since our last visit there. Although we're not a person who goes for branded goods and stuffs, our family likes to explore factory outlets here in Japan most especially at Mitsui, it is the largest factory outlet in Tohoku Region. Mitsui is the place for shoppers who enjoys bargains and it is an open style shopping mall with nice surroundings and great foods. Sendai is one of the place we love to visit ~ read some of my Sendai posts here

Mitsui Outlet Park

A haven for shoppers most especially who likes branded apparels, bags and etc.

My GAP girls ^_^


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J.Rylie.C said...

It looks so quiet there Tita, I love my Ates smiles!

genny said...

peace and quiet place i must say. nice shot Clarissa. and your girls are lovely. visiting you back..

Lainy said...

Hello Mommy Clang. Salamat sa walang sawang pagbisita sa blog ko and for the compliments with my new abode.

Ganda rin talaga ng Japan, ano? It's actually one of the countries I want to visit. Maybe in my dreams for now ;-)

BTW, the first photo reminds me of the Singapore Flyer. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos.

And oh! I must say your kids looks so lovely, nakaharap man o nakatalikod, hehehe!

All the Best,

bluedreamer27 said...

Hi Clarissa thanks for visiting my Blog
yay! love the miniature train here.. so cute

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Dhemz said...

wow,my kind of place...not too crowded...tapos masarap mag shopping sa outlet...ganda nang gap models...ehehhee!

niko said...

thanks for touring me sa sendai teh :) loveeeeee the place. ang konti ng tao noh? or lahat sila shopping galore n sa loob? hihih

cutie pie ng mga gap models mo teh! ang tatangkad model na model tlga :)

A Woman's Note said...

parang walang shoppers, kayo lang yata lol. yan ang gusto para di mahaba ang pila sa counter. hehe. Ang cute ng GAP girls..

TY sa visit sa CC Clang.

imriz said...

looks like a very peaceful place, ang linis tlg jan, sis.ska ang bilis ng restoration after the quake,parang wala lng nangyari.

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