Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Treat

Every summer time, I love to treat out the kids in our neighborhood ( they're friends of my kids, with the consent of their parents of course ) and last year's summer, we went out to a community swimming pool near our apartment where the kids had a blast! I'm still thinking of where to treat the kids this summer and the pool is not an option anymore coz we're still dealing with the radiation mess here and most of the outdoor pools are now closed. Even at their school, they suspend outdoor swimming classes which makes my Wakaba sad coz she was looking forward to go for it together with her friends. I guess most children here in Fukushima will not be able to swim outdoor this summer.

We can't even go to Spa Resort Hawaiians like we did some time ago coz the indoor pool has been closed due to the earthquake that hits Japan. Oh dear, where to go?

A Community pool near our place
At Spa Resort Hawaiians

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Stef said...

Oh my daughters love the water too! Too bad we weren't able to have our annual outing/swimming. Here is my entry for this week. Hope can drop by my site. Thanks and see you!

Vernz said...

wow, nice naman.. so di pa pala allowed to go swimming.. as in sira ba talaga? Wawa naman the kids... dropping by for nostalgia :)

niko said...

ang bongga ng community pool jan sa japan teh!! kaganda! wla atang ganyan sa pinas, sadly.

bring them to the park where they can run or fly kites :) pwede ba un?? hihih

Mirage said...

Pinas for the kids! ;) Every shot looks so colorful and omoshiroii!

AdinB said...

Awe! That looks fun and refreshing. We could sure use a pool day today since it is hot from where I am at. Fun photos! Visiting via NT.

Adin B

Chubskulit Rose said...

Ang cocute naman ng mini jaanese na ititch hehehe.. Punta kayo dito sa US Clang hehehe, just kidding. Magcookout na lang kayo dyan sa partment mo Clang, I bet they will enjoy it!

Dhemz said...

wow, so cute! bonggacious talaga nang community pool nyo jan mamiClang...I remember this spa resort time bikini dalhin mo...ehehhee...joke!

tejan said...

wow..thats nice there clang, my laikka would love there for sure..heheh!

visiting from nostalgia:) hope you can drop by!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing. May galleon pa....the kids must really have a great time.

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