Saturday, June 18, 2011

Late Bloomer

Haven't I told you that I have dream? I haven't finished school and yes, I sometimes regret of not finishing school and was not able to receive a diploma. Life has been cruel to my family that finishing school was not the main anymore and when I was looking for a job, I usually get frustrated because companies wanted applicants with a degree required which I don't have and usually land to a job with a low salary. Nope, not that I'm complaining but having a good job with high paying salary is best advantage, right?

Finishing with a degree is my dream and online degrees could make it all now possible coz it would fit my schedule. Tending to my kids and husband while studying online degree programs in business on my own time, on my own pace is not a bad idea! I would be the happiest to complete a degree as an advantage.

Going back to school is a challege and helps me to get off a great start ^_^


niko said...

its not too late to go back to school :) daming online schools oh! fits ur schedule perfectly pa :)

Baguio Girl said...

never too late to learn something new. go back to school mommy. it can be fun :)

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