Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spa Resort Hawaiians

My days has been hectic lately and my husband took a 4 days-off from work ( he's been working like crazy ) and last Thursday was a holiday here in Japan --- we went to Spa Resort Hawaiians as a late family getaway for the summer or a sudden plunge for the fall season ( for it wasn't planned at all ). Spa Resort Hawaiians is a hawaiian themed spa resort and water park located at Fukushima prefecture and one of the popular destination trips here in Japan. We didn' t stay overnight at the hotel ( for it's only 30 minutes drive away from our place ) but finally enjoyed jacuzzi, sauna, open-air traditional style baths ( in our bathing suit ) and not only that, the resort have an awesome onsen ( hotsprings ) where we pampered and relaxed ourselves ( sorry, no photos allowed at the indoor onsen coz everyone is fully undressed there ). The biggest outdoor onsen in the whole country happens to be here at Spa Resort Hawaiians and is listed in the Guinness World of Records. The resort features a huge waterpark with pools, slides, waterplay etc where the kids enjoyed a lot! After taking our lunch, we watched the Tropical Hula Show at beach theater---the resort is also famous of their Hula Dance and Polynesian Show and enjoyed the tropical atmosphere. Have you seen the Japanese movie Hula Girls? (watch the movie trailer here ) The movie made a great influence on Spa Resort Hawaiians and because of the said movie, coming guests were increasing. It wasn't a first time to visit there but it was a first to experience to try almost everything of their hot spring and felt so relaxed! I trully deserve this break!
---Wakaba and Haruka before taking the plunge---
---Holiday crowds at Spa Resort Hawaiians---
---waiwai Ohana---

---Tropical Hula Show------My kids amused with these tropical wood carvings( I dunno what to call that lol )---
---Kimochiii!!! ( feels good! )--- ---Omiyage ( souvenier ) shop, I forgot to buy one (T_T)---

I' m back and I miss being online and being able to do bloghops. Thank you my dear friends for always dropping by. I' ll be back for a visit to your sites soon ^_^


Kero said...

taas ng slide! it looks so thrilling!! I bet everybody had a grand time, especially your darling girls..

i wish to see a tropical hula performance too hehe

Happy Sunday, Mommy Clang!

Beth said...

wow, andyan pala ang biggest indoor onsen! good to know that your family enjoyed your vacation. khit saglit lang. super lapit pala sa house nyo. :) parang gusto ko din diyan...hehehe

have a happy week ahead, Clang!

Verna Luga said...

wow, mawala kong rayuma diri Klang ... hahaha... as in double wow talaga ako sa barko.. ang laki... at saka indoor pa... sarap... dami tao... hehehe..

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow, inggit ako sa get away hehehe. You have such lovely daughters Clang. Gorgeous place too.

Unknown said...

I think the statues are called Tiki, Or tiki statues, Tiki Gods... This is a Wikipedia page about them

They are very Polynesian! I just found your blog recently but read it every day :)


Soulful said...

wow! what an awesome place! i would love to go there someday..

Genefaith said...

this is one great place and very great for summer i wish we had a place like that here:)

on the other hand, about your suggestion sis about my picky eater, i love ur idea! pero I must learn how to make one first, do you have recipe for the simplest bento sis? I love how u prepared food for your kiddos if ako nga na malaki na are drooling over bento how much Hyzyd right? thanks for the advice sis:)

Lulu Post said...

inggit ako sa get away nyo... I am glad you all had fun!

thanks for coming by my mansions lol


Dhemz said...

awwwwwwwwww,,,kakainggit....sama sana ako...ehehehe! woi, where's your pic...ehehhehe...would love to see you na naka 2-piece...ehehehe!

cute nang mga pics...thanks for sharing mamiClang...glad to be here...mwah!

Dee said...

Wow, super nice! I like that it's Hawaiian-themed. Super enjoy siguro diyan. :)

Enchie said...

So cool! we need that kind here, lalo na tropical country ang Pinas... Sana may makaisip hehehe!

Mel_Cole said...

The ship reminds me of the tall ships I saw a few weeks ago. Classic style. Medyo mamahalin sa inyo kasi may swimming pool, spa, at splash lagoon inside the building. That is really cool. Thanks for sharing this fun moment with your family.

anney said...

Ganda namn jan! Miss ko na tuloy mag swimming!

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