Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Couple's Corner--What We Want From Each Other

What do I want from my husband? ( and I told him so.. )

I'm here to listen--- I'm concerned about some things happening to him most especially on his work. He tend not to tell why he's upset for sometimes coz he don't want me to get worried and that hurts me coz I feel like that he's rejecting me. I wanted to let him know that I'm always here ready to listen when he's down.
Tickle me more---I haven't received fresh flowers from him for 8 years. I don't need pricey gifts, his cheeziness is all I need. Don't get me wrong but he's a showy kind-of-guy unlike some other Japanese men but my husband says giving flowers is the cheeziest thing he won't do. ( hmmpptt! )
Always ready---I want him to know that I'm always ready for him sexually ^_^

What my husband wants from me? ( and he told me so...)

Balance--- he wants me to understand that sometimes there's something he don't want to talk about most especially on his job. He don't want to bring problems from his work and talk about it at his home. Leave problems at work, play with kids and get relaxed at home.
Surprise--- instead of waiting for sweet smelling red roses to come my way, he wants me to be surprised on something. ( mystery )
Desire--- he wanted me to know that he still desires me and wanted me badly after all those bulging fats ( sabay hawak sa bilbil ) and for having a flat chest.

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Halie said...


It's nice to read thoughts from other people especially when it comes to married life. I hope you have a great weekend.

I love the photo btw.

Here's my entry for CC

Genefaith said...

wow sis same here I'm always ready...LOL! tama naman si hubby mo sis to leave probs at the workplace, he cares for you so much that he doesn't want you to be bothered...si hubby din forget na nya magbigay ng flowers bec. he already planted those orchids for me:)

Newlyweds said...

aw... i love your post! ill ask hubby later what he wants.. ahahha

Unknown said...

ahahaha.. ang mag-asawa talaga oh.. hihi.. well, ganyan talaga so stay sweet and keep the love burning :D

Unknown said...

nice post there... and I love your background=)

following you now, hope you can stop by and follow back also =)


Chubskulit Rose said...

Hahaha love your entry clang, sexually lol. That's what my hubs complain about me nyahahahah.

My Couple's Corner, have a nice day!

Wifey10 said...

haha saya ng entry mu clang!Agree ako kay ate Rose saya ng sexually intro!I guess alang complain sa akin yong hunny ko sa sexual side.bwahaha..been missing you here..Hope your well! =) Godbless

Soulful said...

wow! that was a candid post.. anyways, i think there are people whom we call 'RESERVED' type. they normally want to keep things to themselves, it's not because they do not wat to share it with other people, it's because they find it unnecessary or may cause unnecessary fights. my husband is among those people and i already learned to accept it and 'let it pass' if he doesn't want to talk about something and wait for the time that he's ready..

Rossel said...

naku ganyan din si rhonnel, ayaw akong bigyan ng flowers. 1 beses pa lang nangyari iyon, noong nanliligaw pa sya tapos hindi na naulit.

your entry is so cute clang. i love it especially the "sexually" thing. mine is posted here. happy cc!

Unknown said...

natuwa nman ako, "Come and get me beybe" ba ang drama, hahaha
i love the openness:)

Mommy Liz said...

Wohoooo! you're always ready for him sexually, I love that!!!!! and see, he still desires you kahit sabay hawak sa bilbil. Lam mo Mommy Clang, si Rodney ko rin eh di na ako binibigyan ng flowers and all that cheesy ek ek, kapag Mother's day or Anniversary na lang, naghihintay pa ng sale, asar! Actually tama ka eh, di naman natin need ng mahal di ba? basta lang once in a while eh maka receive tayo ng kahit anong galing sa kanila, oks na yun. tanda ng pagmamahal. Hubby doesn't tell me much about work either, siguro, for them it's better that way. di ba? Thanks for your post.

Mel_Cole said...

Whew, spiced up talaga ang married life nyo. Nakaka-inspire!

My Couples corner post

JonaBQ said...

lucky us our hubby doesn't care if we have flat chest and bilbil. all they want is for us to always be ready when the thief comes at night, haha!

What do We Want from Each Other?
A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Dhemz said...

hhahaha...surprise mo mamiClang, pag galing nya sa work...sabihin mo "common let's get naked"...nyahahaha...joke!

buti kapa ha laging handa....always ready! parang girls scout...ehhehehe! mamuot man ko sa imong post woi...agoy flat chest daw...ka boosie nimo ah...:)

salamat sa dalaw at comments...mwahness!

anney said...

LOL sa the always ready! kakatawa ka talaga. heheeh!

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