Monday, September 13, 2010

PBW---Blissful Weekend!

After my MIL was discharged from the hospital, we always find time to visit the bukid of tralala ( I guess you all know where the place is ) to tend and help her around every weekend. She's doing fine ( thank you my friends for all the prayers ) but she cannot walk really well unlike before.

During our visit to my PIL, my kids went to do what they love to do every summer and that is harvesting time! My MIL and kids went to pick up blueberries again ( just like of last year ) at their grannies blueberry farm and not only that, lots of corn and summer veggies like eggplants, pumpkins, cucumbers were harvested during our stay there. It seems like that they've been waiting for us ready to be picked up ( and to be eaten lol ). My kids Great Granny is the one whose doing the regular picking and sometimes she would send us a package full of veggies available at her garden. Now I'm looking forward for another tasty veggies to harvest next season ^_^

---My MIL, Haruka and Wakaba picking up fresh blueberries at the farm---
---Blueberries------Bonding time errr kulitan time -------Cutie cousin Ayana chan------Daddy wishing for another baby girl?------Our lil baby at the bukid of tralala---
---Haruka harvesting some sweetcorn together with Okibachan ( Great Granny )---
---Wakaba doing her part---

---Haruka gladly poses for me---
---So happy together---
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Have a nice week ahead to everybody!!^_^


Dee said...

Yes, I remember you picked blueberries din last year. Favorite ko din ang blueberries. Must be so nice to have plenty! :)

anne said...

Wahh where is the bukid of tralala girl alam ko lang bukid sa timbukto hehehehe, bigla akong na sad about your MIL's condition, I hope she can still walk well so she could play well with your kids too mine is up girl and its here thanks

carinamodella said...

Wow, you have a mini farm there. Hi Clarissa, I added you in my links. You can see it in my blog's sidebar :)

Unknown said...

I love the lifestyle of most Japanese in the provinces. They usually keep organic gardens for long life, right?

Here in the Philippines, not a lot of people enjoy farming for their own food. Kahit my lupa naman na pwedeng tamnan, iniiiwan lang na nakatiwangwang.

Good thing my grandparents love farming and gardening at the same time, so I grew up helping them watering the plants and fruit trees. I even helped taking care of the cows, goats, and chickens. My favorite part was harvesting the fruits and vegetables, though. I even sold some of them to our neighbors!

That was a very nice experience that I missed a lot. I don't visit the province that often anymore 'cos I live in the metro. And sadly, my grandparents are too old to garden or farm some more.

sassy mom said...

Wow! That's truly a blissful weekend. I'd love to spend weekends like that.

niko said...

sana makapunta ako sa bukid ng tralala :)

super sarapa ng weekend nio! fresh air, fresh fruits, fresh veggies at fresh beauties :)

baby boy ang wish ni faga yochan! lalim ng iniisip eh :D hihihi

salamat sa dalaw clang!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh wow, what a good harvest. Love all the photos Clang, pro na pro na ang mga kuha mo hehehe..

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

Never ko pa naranasan magharvest. Pero yung Oyasan namin, lagi din kami binibigyan ng veggies kasi may maliit na farm sila sa harap namin, hatake ba tawag dun? I forgot (wala si hubby sa tabi ko kasi kaya di ko matanong lol).

I really wish for baby dust late this year or early next year... isa ako mga matutuwa :)

eden said...

Sarap naman dyan, mommy clang.. daming blueberries. Here we only tried blueberry picking one time kasi ang layo. Pahenge naman ng eggplant, sarap nyan pritohin na may itlog. hehehe

Mel_Cole said...

Those are very tall sweetcorn you got. :) Yumm!

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