Friday, July 2, 2010

Mommy Moments--School Day

---Ichinen Ichi Kumi (Grade 1 section 1)---

I went to Wakaba's Class Observation Day ( jugyosankan ) at primary school ---it is where parents was set a day for observation and visit, take a tour and meet other parents at school. The teacher at the class watch each child and always making sure that every student understands the class discussion and lectures. They're doing their Math class the time I was there-- proud to see Wakaba raising her hands and had a quick answer to the question of her teacher. The kids wore a reversable hat ( color white and red ) and if their answer is right, they will be using the red color of the hat and if there are still kids wearing white hat( meaning not giving the correct answer) they will wait for them until they're all wearing the same one color ( meaning they all got the correct answers ) before proceeding to another topic or question.. After the class observation, parents ( mostly Moms ) have meetings and we talk about our kids life at school.
I don't have the guts to take photos while the kids having class because they might get distracted ( while some parents doesn't mind the click of their camera ), here's some of Wakaba's work of art displayed at their classroom posted instead ^_^
---A project that she did at school, a decorated shoebox for keeping her other school items---
--- Wakaba draws the growth of her plant at school---
---Her version of Undokai ( Sports Day ) drawing---
---Wakaba's drawing during her previous Class Observation Day ---
---My girls, Wakaba and Haruka---
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Beth said...

I like Wakaba's drawings! :) Ang ganda naman sa school nila, pwedeng manood un parents. Proud na proud ka tuloy seeing her raise her hand! :)

Noreen said...

Awwww sis ang kyut naman! Yung mga drawing ni Raye nung maliit pa sya sinesave ko. Ngayon malaki na sya natutuwa sya pag nakikita nya :)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Nice artwork, walking distance ra d i ilang school clang? very active mom kaayo ka clang i wish i have that energy sd puhon when my dragons ready for school.

Chris said...

great artwork from your kids. its always nice to see art works of our kids di ba?!

by the way, i have an award for you ha

charmie said...

great work sis.. Happy |Sunday!

Mel_Cole said...

Is she your daughter? She's so cute, and singkit nang eyes :)

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

I'm so proud of your girls. They seem to have self-confidence and they're smarties. Mukhang enjoy talaga sila sa schooling nila. Sana maging katulad sila ni Anzy. Ang galing pa magdrawing ni Wakaba, i love her works.. Goodluck sa studies nila at enjoy.

anney said...

Napaka artistic talaga ni Wakaba! Di ako ganyan mag drawing nung ganyan ang edad ko. Stick people lang alam ko!

Chubskulit Rose said...

I missed this theme huhuhu, see how busy I am lol.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I love Wakaba's artwork Clang, she is really an artist..

Chubskulit Rose said...

I love Wakaba's drawings Mami Clang, she is very talented!

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