Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bazaar On-Going Projects, Done!!

Yesterday was the last day of our bazaar projects and the schedule was quite hectic--me and some other Japanese Mom's at school ( volunteers ) has been doing a lot of handmade crafts for fundings. It will be sold at the schools bazaar day event on November and same as last year's bazaar, the proceeds will go to the school. Last year we made an Eco- Craft Basket and the school ( where Haruka is in and Wakaba's former school in Kindergarten ) added a new swing out of the bazaar proceeds.
Each and everyone of us made our parts to make our work smooth ( and at the same time talking ) and somehow fast---some Mom's brought their electric sewing machines and some sewing and crafts materials while myself only have a couple of thread, needles and scissors ( I'm not really into sewing ). One nice Mom let me experienced my first ever to run an electric sewing machine and I was scared lol! I'd rather like to use my needles and threads but slow. Aside from sewing, I was also in charge of the pressing the fabrics and attaching. After a series of making handmade crafts, it was a lil bit fussy at first but with their help I was able to make my share ( but not good as them ). The truth is I wanted to post a step-by-step procedure photos for ideas to everybody to try ( for those who loves crafts ) but the photos ain't complete ( what a big miss ) coz I was uber busy with the tasks given to me so I'm gonna share the finished products that we made instead. Here's the fruits of our labor: Mini Basket Pouch, Sleeve Protector, Plastic Bag Holder, Chopstick Carrier and Knee Cover. ---Mini Basket Pouch---We bought the baskets at 100 yen shop-- they did the sewing of the pouch, I did the bondings and sewing attachment of the basket---
---Sleeve Protector---Japanese uses arm cover ( that's what they call here) when working at the garden and another thing is it can be used as a stopper if you're wearing long sleeves when washing the dishes coz it will prevent the sleeves from falling down---
---Plastic Bag Holder---problems of how to store your plastic bags? Plastic bag holder is now handy in the household! You can stuff your plastic bags in the top and pull them from the bottom when you need them---

---Chopstick Carrier--- Carrying your own hashi or chopsticks is a part of Japan's eco-lifestyle and instead of using the eco-unfriendly disposable chopsticks, people here is encouraged to use their own hashi for dining out. Chopstick is slipped in, ready to be rolled up---
---All rolled up!---
---Christmas Ornament---made fun with beads! Forgive me, I had a hard time of sewing corners(T_T) ---
---Knee Cover--- it is used to protect your clothes not to get dirty when doing household chores, it is also common at Japan schools to use knee cover when cleaning the school---

Now you all know of what's keeping me busy for the past weeks, I was dead tired and didn't had a chance and didn't much energy of blog hopping. Thank you very much for always dropping by here even if I can't return the visits. Have a nice day to everybody!


Unknown said...

I like the idea of a plastic bag holder. That's very creative dear. Might as well try making it so I have something to stuff my plastics with. Hmm.. thanks sa idea.. galing huh! :D

Umma said...

Ohh.. so cute Mommy Clangz.. I know Japanese have the innate talent in creating cute stuffs and you are doing a good job in keeping up with them.. High Five to you :)

Btw, you made a surprised to me as I didnt know I am supposed to receive a parcel from you. The postman left a note to pick it up in the main post office and we did it today.

Thank you so much for being so sweet and thoughtful, I did take pictures of it and will make a post later. Oh, I noticed the card and the pictures too :) you look gorgeous and so young, no wonder. hubby is still crazy over you hahaha..I will put the pictures on our album.

Once again, thanks so much for the goodies from Japan.. I do really appreciate the thoughts!!

Btw, this is my new blog hahaha.. another work in the making. Hope you will find time to visit soon :)

hahai.ponce said...

Hello! I love this post. I'm into crafts - sewing specifically, love the things you do there in Japan.

R. said...

The ECO BASKET and the PLASTIC BAG HOLDER are my favorites! I admire the patience and creativity that you have for crafts. Keep it up Clarissa and I look forward to see more of your beautiful work

charmie said...

I like the plastic bag holder to keep plastic bags neat and tidy. Ang galing talaga nila noh!

Chubskulit Rose said...

I love the chop stick carrier Clang. wow so dami mo ng alam sa crafts hehehe, ang sarap siguro tumira dyan sa Japan kasi you lear so many different cultures from them.

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Wow mommy clang another job accomplishment. Galing ninyo and very active pa sa extra activities in school in raising money and to support the kids as well as the school. Good job clang. ang cute nman ng mga gawa niny, I have seen the basket last year though, what a busy mommy.

Dhemz said...

awwwwwwww...very creative talaga ang mga japanese...syempre lumabas din yung hidden talent mo mamiClang...bongga kaya ang mga ginawa nyo....sanan meron yan dito para makabili ako...ehehhe!

anney said...

Cute yung pagkagawa mo ng xmas ornaments kahit medyo nahirapan ka sa pagtahi ng corners. Ok din dyan ano at meron pa talagang sleeve protector at knee cover.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

SO active naman.. urayamashii.. ako kasi hima na super busy. Busy-busyhan lang. I love these crafts. Parang ang dali lang gawin. Si Okasan nga (mom inlaw ni mommy), gusto nya maging hobby ko ang crafting kaya bibili daw nya ako ng sweing machine someday hehe.. im not into sewing too, mas gusto ko din yung sa kamay lang. Nakaka-addict din siguro lalo na kung nagagamit mo yung mga ginawa mo. Pwedi ding pang-gift no.

Thanks for sharing... pag nag-aral na si Azumi may idea na ako.

yobib said...

ang galing nman. super creative ka pla clang! :)

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