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Food Trip Friday---Agedashi Tofu

---Agedashi Tofu---

I' m a fan of tofu ( bean curd ) and my family loves anything with tofu! It's a traditional japanese food and another comfort food of my family. My style of making agedashi dofu is using a momen tofu ( firm bean curd ) while others use kinugoshi tofu ( silken bean curd ) and is deep fried and served with sauce. I love my tofu dishes to be cooked that way ^_^ Now, I'm gonna share my recipe of making agedashi tofu or agedashi dofu ( Japanese Deep Fried Tofu ) for you to try---eating tofu is cheap and healthy. You can find some of the ingredients again on your favorite asian markets.

Ingredients: ( good for 4 persons )
Momen Tofu-- 2 blocks
Katakuriko or Cornstarch
Oil for deep frying
Daikon ( white radish ) ---grated

Grated ginger

Mirin--2 tablespoon
Soysauce--2 tablespoon
Dashi stock-- 1/2 tablespoon of powdered dashi no motto plus 1 cup of water
Sugar-- 1 tablespoon

Directions of making Agedashi Tofu:

In preparing the sauce, put all in sauce ingredients in a small sauce pan, turn the heat and simmer until done then set aside. Cut tofu into squares like the photo above or you can cut them into smaller cubes ( if you like) , drain excess water and blot with paper towel. You don't want your tofu to spatter when you deep fried them right? Be careful and make sure that it has no moisture. Coat your tofu lightly with potato starch or cornstarch and deep fried them ( 170 to 180 degree C ) until golden and repeat for another batch and drain excess oil and or use paper towel and set aside. You can also deep fry an eggplant ( like of what I did ) sweet potato, pumpkin ( just cut the veggies thinly ) for added volume. Arrange bowl and put the deep fried tofu and veggies ( if you have ) and pour over the sauce and top with a mound of grated daikon and a bit of grated ginger ( if you like ). Serve with plain rice, soup and veggie salad and you're done with an easy and light to the budget dinner! ^_^

An entry for Food Trip Friday. Chibugan na!!\(^0^)/


Jenn said...

I first had a taste of this dish at a weekend market - the owner of a food stall gave me some free sampling, and she used the silken bean curd on the dish (parang taho ang texture ng tofu), and it was really delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I will try it one of these days.

My Food Trip Friday dish is now served HERE. Happy food tripping!

Verna Luga said...

yes sis, meron nga kami kapitbahay dito pinoy pero asawa niya japanese... nakikikain ako sa kanila hahahah, ang sarap niya magluto ng kung ano ano na may tufo .... mukhang masarap... mine is up at Table for Five

Sreisaat said...

Wow, isa rin akong tofu-fanatic! I love firm tofus for frying, and silk tofus for soups at kung ano-ano pang dishes na may sauce (like Szichuan tofu). Normally I just cut the tofu in cubes and fry them. I'll try your recipe next time with daikon :)
I hope you are having a great day. Thanks for your visit *hugs*

We Ate This!

hahai.ponce said...

hi! I love agadeshi tofu!!! I first tasted @ Tempura Restaurant along T.Morato and instantly loved it. Whenever we go to that restaurant, I make sure we order one just for sharing...;)

Lady Patchy said...

i still have 2 blocks of tofu in the fridge but not the other ingredients so i might just fry it.tofu is one of my fav too.

Unknown said...

i'm not very fond of tofu but my eating buddy loves it (because she's perpetually on diet!:p). tikim-tikim lang ako, healthy e.:p

Traveliztera said...

Oh wow this looks yummyyyyyyyyy! im a fan of agedashi tofuuu!

charmie said...

Di pa ako nakatikim ng tofu.. pero mahilig ako sa sushi.. next time kain ako japanese restro ma try nga yan tofu..:)

i♥pinkc00kies said...

Yummm :D I like tofu!

Guiltless Grub said...

I'm not a tofu fan too but I've tried them several times. It tastes good though not always on the top of my list when I get to Jap's always sushi for me.

Mel_Cole said...

That does look delicious. Haven't tried it though. :)

My Food Trip Friday entry here said...

hays...sana kapit bahay tayo, for sure lagi kitang dadalawin dahil sa mga pagkain mo, lol!

Cecile said...

we love tofu any way you cook it....thanks for sharing the recipe, Clang; will try it next time :-)

nuts said...

we love tofu too.. ang yummy naman nito!

niko said...

sana mtikman ko ang luto mo n2 someday... ginutom mo ko sa pix mo!!!! waaaah

Mylene said...

I also love tofu, tofu with pork, tas toyo at suka, with onions :D

Nedekcir said...

It looks very light, I like my food light kasi I can eat a

Kero said...

i would love love to do thuis recipe. Tofu is very healthy di ba? sana mahanp ko yung mga sauce na kailangan sa exotic food section next time we do grocery =)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

I don't know if I tasted tufo na, basin sauna, i just don't know if it was tufo. Lami gyud ni ug cuisine ang japan sa.

Dhemz said...

pede makahingi? first time kung naka kita nyan sa korea...hehehhe...parang iba yung version nila...pero they look similar....:)

labay ko dire kadali mamiClang....sensya na tawon karon lang ko ka rampa...eheheh!

btw, if you have a spare time hope you can join my 2nd giveaway contest...ehehhehe!

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