Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wakaba is 7!!

---The birthday girl!!---

We celebrated Wakaba's 7th birthday twice! June 5-- We went to my PIL's place before her birthday and celebrate with them in advance. We went to the mall together with my MIL and shopped summer dresses and sandals as a birthday present for Wakaba and the lucky Haruka received the same, too! Then we went to buy some sushi, hors d'ouvre and cake then held Wakaba's birthday at their home. It was a double birthday celebration coz my FIL's birthday was last June 1st but they didn't plan anything for him coz they (most especially FIL)want to share a birthday celebration together with Wakaba's birthday. My SIL and daughters Yuina and Ayana came to celebrate, too. It's been awhile that my kids cousins haven't seen each other--the last time that they played together was during the Golden Week. Ayana is now one year old and three months, she's growing up fast, too!! June 6-- Our family went to SUGO for a load of fun! Will make a separate post for that. Gees, lots of pending posts--I'll post them all one at a time^_^
June 7--We celebrated her actual birthday at home and I baked a homemade birthday cake when she's at school and happy to see her smile after granting her birthday cake request. Wakaba was pretty excited to receive a pet on her birthday--although pets ain't allowed at our apartment, we gave her a virtual pet instead. A new Tamagotchi with a promise to take care of her virtual pet only after doing her homework at school. Meanwhile, I'm the one in charge while she's at school--they're keeping me busy lol!
---Wakaba chan, picking up some strawberries at the backyard---
---Fresh strawberries for snack!!---
---Cousin Ayana chan is now the new owner of our RECARO child seat---

---I love the simple daisies, they make me smile---
---Rainy Saturday------Wakaba's advance birthday celebration at her Grandparents home---
---Wakaba's actual birthday celebration at the apartment. Happy Birthday, sweet Wakaba. I love you so much!---
---Birthday pressies from her Grandparents---

---Birthday gift from us, to play together with her sister Haruka. Licca chan's Mister Donuts Cafe Playset---
---Newest Tamagotchi for the birthday girl. Yakusoku mamotte neeh!!---


pehpot said...

oh ayun pala ang yummy strawberry cake :)

ay sana nung bata ako mommy din kita ahihi

ang ganda ng play set nila!!!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I love! love! love! the presents from mom and dad, inggit ako kay Wakaba,ang ganda ng play set :D . Happy Birthday to you Sweet Wakaba.
Magkasunod sila ng bday ng husband ko, hubs is June 8.

eden said...

What a beautiful birthday celebration!. Ganda ng mga birthday pressies and the cake looks yummy. Wish you Wakaba, Happy Birthday and hope all your wishes come true.

Mommy Liz said...

Ang lalaki ng strawberries, grabeh!! at ang gifts, sosyal! ampunin mo na rin ako Mommy Clarissa, para apo na rin ako ng mga biyenan mo, para kapag birthday ko, sangkatutak na sushi at kung nau ano pa ang ihahanda ko, yummmm!

Happy Birthday to Wakaba!

kassidy's notes said...

wow..happy birthday to wakaba :). strawberry cake looks yummy.

i used to have a tamagotchi, are they still popular these days?

♥FreakyehS♥ said...

Happy Birthday Wakaba. Enjoy being a kid girl don't grow too fast. May all your wishes come true. Imagine how quick the day and time huh. may 7 years old ka na clang and you even look like 18 yrs old so parang ate lng hehehe.

Clarissa said...

Thanks to all your birthday greetings for Wakaba!God bless!^_^

Lulu said...

gosh gosh gosh... i so love the mister donut playset...

happy birthday wakaba....

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

belated happy birthday again to our little princess Wakaba CHan =) Kahit simple ang celebration nyo at kitang kita naman sa face nya na super enjoy sya, shiawase =) Belated happy bday din sa FIL mo..

sana nga ay mainspire ako magbake minsan.. jishin nai kasi ako pagdating sa baking.. pero definitely gagawin ko yan para naman may madisplay din ako homemade cake ko sa fb hehe.. parang nauuso kasi ang baking eh..

ACmomCee said...

awww!!! i love love!!! love Wakaba's sandals and the playset... waaah!!! it's sooo nice! is it big??? parang totoo!!!

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

waaaahhh!! punta ako jan makikilaro sa mga kiddos mo dun sa playset. hihi. i LURVE! so cute!

absent muna ako ng two weeks. bakasyon muna. hihi. kita kmi ni mareng seiko at jade. email ko nlng sayo yung sisig recipe :)


Enchie said...

belated Happy Birthday to Wakaba! The pictures are very nice :)

Karen Chayne said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Wakaba!

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