Friday, June 4, 2010

Mommy Moments--Unforgettable Summer

---Aquamarine Fuksuhima--

Our fave place to go every summer is at Aquamarine Fukushima. Well it is always special and unforgettable for Wakaba and Haruka because they both love marine animals and just renewed our yearly passport recently coz we love to visit there mostly twice in a month. The exhibit area includes The History of Extinction corner, Marine mammals, Oceanic Galleria, Touch Pool (wherein they can touch and observe lil creatures), the Triangular Tunnel, Goldfish Aquarium, various workshops, The World of Coelacanth, BIOBIO Kappa Village ( an open air waterside environment where paddies, streams and ponds have been recreated),etc. And after enjoying their eyes at the aquarium they would change to their swimsuit and stay at the Janome Beach wherein they can touch and observe living creatures at the mudflats, rocks and sandy beach. We love to be there because of the events and various of exhibit that keeping us from coming back again and again. Here's some of the photos of last year, summer time. Enjoy!
---Wakaba loves her Daddy!!---
---Sea of Coral Reef---

---Manta ray---
---Utsubo, black spotted moray eel---
---Chin-anago, garden eel---
---Just having fun!---

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shydub said...

Wow, look at those fishes clang. amazing!Nindot bitaw mga aquarium sa japan clang no, naka anha ko sa sunshine aquarium ba na.what a memorabe summer getaways.

pet said...

ang daming isda naman dyan aling clarissa, kay gandang tignan at nakakaaliw. ganda ng dalaw mong bulilit, ang bilis ng panahon ang laki na nila.kahawig mo pa

Gizelle said...

awww...tubig at isda ang 2 sa mga nakakapagpasaya sa ating mga chikiting...saya nila!

Dhemz said...

ayay! ang daming isda...ehehhehe! at naka pula pa silang 3...naka pula karin ba dito mami Clang? hehehehe....:) gusto namin dalhin si akesha sa aquarium...kaso mahal yung admission!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wowowowow, very unforgettable nga ito Clang. Love the photo where they are chasing each other.

Love your new layout Clang!

Karen Chayne said...

wow! sobrang ganda ng place mommy clang! i wish i could also go there

seth said...

nice place and nice photos...:-)

Chris said...

wow!!! nice place indeed!! :D

and i noticed your new template just now! nice, real nice!!

kimmyschemy said...

simply AWESOME! thanks for sharing!

Ebie said...

Beautiful sea creatures! The spotted eel is unusual!

Love your new blog makeover.

reyapot said...

wow! nice photos.. surely looked unforgettable to me.. i am certain that you had a blast!

Willa said...

Wakaba is so sweet to her dad, tingnan mo naman ang kapit, parang aagawan, lol!
Nice pics,Clang!
It took me a while to comment, akala ko naka comment na ako before. (boink!)

Mommy Liz said...

Ang sasaya nyo naman.. kami bihirang makapasyal kapag summer, aside from marami na kaming kiddos, wala kaming big enough na sasakyan, saka si hubby eh laging may work, hmp!

eden said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to visit! Ang daming isda. And Wakaba is so sweet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Mommy Clang.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

Gusto ko din dyan kasi love din ni Azumi ang mga sea animals.. galing kasi kami sa sea paradise last Saturday at super nag-enjoy sya.. Sana maka-visit din kayo dun, im sure mag-eenjoy din sina Wakaba kasi mahahawakan nyo yung dolphins. Di ko lang nahawakan kasi di nako nakapag hintay sa sobra init.

Enjoyed the photo slides..

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