Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mommy Moments--Dear Dad

---A loveletter from Wakaba to her Dad---

Wakaba learned writing since her Kindergarten days and there was a time at school that receiving and writing letters to her classmates was such a fun then Wakaba started writing letters to her Dad, too---some are thank you letters or drawings of him with messages. We sometimes go out to the mall and buy her some cute stationaries to write letters. Wakaba is very sweet in nature--MOST ESPECIALLY TO HER DAD!LOL! Her Daddy is keeping her loveletters--all in one box! Here's one of the letters that I love the most--please read on! ^_^


けっこん してください!



わかば より

Dear Daddy,

Marry me please! Please! I like you very much!

From Wakaba

Isn't she the sweetest??!!^_^

** Wakaba received an answer to her Dad saying that he cannot marry her because he's married to me---Wakaba is now asking me to divorce his Dad the soonest!LOL! \(^0^)/

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Chubskulit Rose said...

Hahahah Kakalokah, Rylie doesn't ask but she just assume that her dad will marry her lol..

Mommy Jes said...

hi your kid is so sweet! no matter what is in that letter cz i dnt understand them...i can appreciate the fact that she is writing a letter to her dad. That is so sweet! =) How i wish my daughter would be like that too! =)

Here-s mine -

Cecile said...

hahaha, she is so cute....bata talaga sobra inosente...i divorce daw si Daddy eh...well, she i real sweet girl...lucky naman ni Yochan pinag aagawan siya :-)

Day by Day said...

It's funny how a child expresses their love, noh?! Well, however it is, we know its genuine and her "otousan" (tama ba?) must be very proud of her.

seth said...

it show how much she loves her daddy..wanting him to marry her! lol!

Happy Fathers day!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

wow! you can really tell that your husband is a great Father, even his daughter want to marry him, so sweet!!!!
di bale sis, during the divorce, we'll be here for you! (j/k) LOL!!!

AC said...

waaaaahahahaha!!! kaloka ate clang! but that just shows how ideal their dad is that she wants to marry someone just like her dad... ANG SWEEET!!! Here's Mine

Gizelle said...

hehehe. Oedipus complex...haays ang cute and like everyone said, that is good sign to, for Wakaba to look for someone like her dad, respectful and loving guy ;)

Dhemz said...

hhahaha....Wakaba's letter made me tickled....hahhaha...sweet!

anney said...

hahaha nakakatuwa talaga si Wakaba at she's super sweet!!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

funny, as in laughing outloud ako dito sa upuan ko, ginaya pa ko ni Hide.. So sweet na nakakatuwa naman, i love her.. Itago nyo at pagkaingatan mga letters na yan at ipakita kapag ikakasal na sya..

Chris said...

awww.. so sweet :P

thanks for joining us this week! :)

Unknown said...

Naku mahihirapan si wakaba mag hanap ng katulad ng daddy niya kasi nag iisa lng yata. kunti lng mababait sa mundo halos lahat taken na hehehe. ang sweet ng mga junakis mo clang mana sa nanay na maganda.

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