Sunday, April 18, 2010

PBW---Haruka's Welcome Ceremony


Haruka enters Kindergarten!! These are the photos of Haruka taken during her Welcome Ceremony at Kindergarten last April 11. We've been very lucky coz just like her big sister Wakaba's Welcome Ceremony at kindergarten two years ago of the same school, the beautiful sakura or cherry blossoms were at full bloom!! The sakura at their school bloomed ahead unlike during when Wakaba had her Entrance Ceremony at Elementary School . We enjoyed taking photos of them and the sakura drops before the ceremony starts. The solemn ceremony was done inside the church and started with the school Principal/Director( sad to say that it'll be his last term this year )speech, Teacher introductions and some songs from students of the school. We also had group pictures of the class and quick tour of the classroom. The ceremony ended earlier coz there's only a few new kindergarteners this school year. We went to the photo studio for a family pictorial coz this year is a double celebration---Wakaba entered at elementary school and now Haruka entered at kindergarten! They're officially big girls already but not too old to still want to hold my hands!!^_^ ---Big sister Wakaba and Haruka---
---A quickie tour at the classroom---
---Solemn ceremony inside the church---
---Waiting for our turn for the group pictorial---
---Wakaba singing with her Daddy sitting beside her---
---Beautiful sakura---
---Wakaba and classmate picking up sakura flowers---
---Cherry Bloosoms---
---Wakaba and Leano chan---
---Leano chan's sister is Haruka's classmate---
---Sakura view---
---Wakaba is enjoying her elementary days life!---
---Our family pictorial at school---

Have a nice week ahead to everybody!!^_^
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Chubskulit Rose said...


Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh wow ang saya saya naman, parang naeexcite na tuloy ako for my Rye rye to go to School but at the same time am nervous lol, hay ewan ko ba Clang, ganito ba talaga.. Buti ka pa sanay na.. I love all the photos, mukhang nejoy na enjoy ang tating munting prinsesa... Missed the cherry blossoms too..

Anonymous said...

I love the cherry blossoms! :) Congratulations to Wakaba! Both of your girls are growing up very pretty :)

Ebie said...

Look at those cherry blossoms in full bloom! We are thankful of Japan's greatest gift to the US: 3000 sakura trees in 1912 and another 3800 in 1965.

P.S. Ang gamit kong camera ay Nikon.

admin said...

you look like haruka in the family pic, same lovely smile :)

rj's mama
facebook page

admin said...

grabbed your badge, it's in the guest list already.

i hope you can host a blog party next week :)

rj's mama
facebook page

Mirage said...

How old is Haruka na sis? Kasi yun friend ko din start na daughter nya (she's 3). (They have the same photo like yours, dad mom and 2 girls!) Kawaii!!!

Oo nga, aga lagi gumising prepare ng obentou :D I decided na din na sunduin ang kids ko kasi hanggang 12 lang minsan 1pm ang school...dati kasi attend sila sa after-school institution, gawi sila homework and food nila doon na....ngayon ako na lahat. ;)

Sakura- migoto! (ginagamit ba migoto sa bulaklak?) ahihi. Enjoy the week too! Will drop by as much as I can to see your updates! ;)

jeng said...

Wow, isn't it school exciting?! Lalo na kung ganyan ang! Sakura means cherry blossoms? Cute ng classroom and their uniforms too. Thanks for the visit sis!

Yami said...

Ang ganda niyo tingnan buong family so neat.

Pasukan na rin pala ni Haruka ano.

Enjoy being a doting mother to your two lovely daughters. Take care Clang. Hugs. :)

SassyMom said...

You have a beautiful family. Ang saya ng first day... looks like they are enjoying school.

David Funk said...

Wow, very beautiful pics of the family! Haruka looks excited and congrats to her starting school!

Unknown said...

i enjoyed the photos.. ganda ng cherry blossoms noh? super cute den ng classroom ng kiddo mo.. super like na talaga nila ang pumasok.. ngayon ko lang nalaman na may ceremony pa pala dyan sa japan ang start ng school year.. cool! :D

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

OMEDETOU Haruka Chan =)

Ang cute naman ng uniform nila, sossy kasi may hat pa hehe.. May Sakura pa ba? Mukhang excited at enjoy sya sa school nila. Goodluck sa kanya at kay Wakaba na din.. at sayo rin pala kasi magiging extra busy ka na nyan kaya take care... syanga pala, parang may hawig si azumi kay Haruka hehe..

Marice said...

wow! she is such a cutie :) looks like a fun-filled day at the school!

Lulu Post said...

i love cherry blossoms... meron din yan dito sa botanical garden nasa section ng japanese garden...

your kids are so cute. I love their smiles. They are so close too which I love the most.

Mylene said...

Mommy! Ang daming pictures hehehehe... You are superb with the tailored suit ha.

Now I know that Sakura is a tree :D

Mommy, pede po bang pa-add yung link ng bago kong site sa site nyo? Thanks in advance. God Bless!

Unknown said...

I love their classroom parang playground napa cosy and athome for kids.

nice A said...

Galing naman ng welcome. At super enjoy ako sa lahat ng pics dito sis lalo na sa sakura. I always love sakura in full blooms. We're lucky to have a lot of them around here where we stay.

niko said...

love all the photos.. all smile at mukang excited si sweeeety haruka!!!

sana ganyan din ang education system sa pinas.. i wish wish wish!!!

miss u! mwah mwah mwah

Reanaclaire said...

hello!! i went to japan last december..during winter, and all i saw was gingko trees.. love the weather there.. so nice and cooling..

Anonymous said...

Offence is the best defence.......................................................

Dhemz said...

love all the photos mami Clang...yung first and last are my close nitong gosh, one more year...mag kikindergarten na si Akesha...kinakabahan ako...ehehehhe.....:)

daan lang me muna dito mami Clang...salamat sa dalaw at comments ha...mwah!

AC said...

aww!!! what lovely spring pics, mommy clang... and ang cute cute ng classroom nila! hehehe... I want cherry blossoms too!!! Di ko alam kung ang nasa paligid namin dito ay cherry blossoms oh ano, pero feeling ko hindi eh... wahaha!!! pink na pink eh... thanks for sharing Mommy Clang!

My last week's Pixel Bug Weekend is HERE

cheap linux hosting said...

Have a good feeling after seen thsi photos. She's like beautiful baby.

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