Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mommy Moments--Moving Up Day

My Dear Wakaba,

I could still remember the day we walked towards school on your first day of class. It was your first without me by yourside. I could feel the tension on your face and was mixed emotions while you walked right to your classroom ( same with me but I was acting calm and confident for I want you to feel the same way and then you just smile)

You have doubled your size for the past 2 years and not only your body has grown but for also having a BIG heart. Let's be thankful for having playful, good friends around you and understanding teachers that made you better person as well.
I hope that you will put it all in your heart of what you have learned in Kindergarten until you grow up.

With Love,
Mama, Daddy and Haruka

若葉ちゃん へ

初めて ママの手をはなれ ようちえんに 行った日のことを 今でも はっきりと 覚えています。不安ときんちょうが まざった 顔をして 中へ入っていきましたね。
この2年で 体も 大きくなったけど 心も 大きく 大きく せいちょう しました。 それも せんせいがたや友達の おかげだと 思います。みんなと 出会ったことに かんしやしましょう。

そして ようちえんで まなんだ ことが 大きくなっても 若葉ちゃんの 心の中に ずっと 残りますように。これからも 明るく 笑顔で 元気に せいちょうして いってくれることを ねがっています。

ママ、パパ、遥 より

***excess: You may find my posts like Wakaba's Study Desk, Personal School Items, Busy Months, Randoseru We did a lot of preparations before the school opening coz Wakaba will be a fresh gradeschooler next week and Haruka will be on her Kindergarten!! ^_^ ****

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you Mommy Clang! The girls are so cute in that uniform. :)

Cecile said...

Congrats,Wakaba :-); galing naman nila..very cute sa kanilang songs at uniform :-)

Mirage said...

Omedetou Wakaba-chan, kawaii desu ne!

Mommy, I watched the whole video...oh there's two of us, my little boy is beside me. So cute naman talaga...

Jac said...

Congratulation Wakaba and mommy Clang I know the feeling grabe nakaka touch and teary eyed ako nung graduation ceremony ni Rio...Have a blessed weekend sis =)

nice A said...

You're really moving up, Wakaba, making mommy so proud of you!
Mommy Clang, thanks sa dalaw. I added you up again kc di ko alam bat nawala blog list ko last week.
May you and your family have a great weekend ahead!

Unknown said...

galing naman girl.. congrats to u and ur daughter :D

Unknown said...

Wow, clang laki na ni Wakaba. I enjoyed watching and listening the video. Congrats again Wakaba. Stay sweet and responsible Ate to Haruka.

kassidy's notes said...

what a beautiful heartfelt letter. Wakaba and her classmates look so cute.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

congrats ulit sa inyo family.. another exciting adventure for the pretty girls. And sa inyo din parents.. have a nice weekend ate clang mwah

Marice said...

oh my! what a sweet post :) did she read it already? congrats to both of u!

MJ said...

omg..ang sweet nang thoughts mo mommy Clang....

Happy easter to you and to your family

thanks for dropping by ha...

rossel said...

another sweet letter for your daughter, clang. i am touched as always. time really flies so fast and soon we will have teens. waaah!

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Paula said...

What a sweet letter. Congrats, sis!

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♡ N o r e e n said...

Awwww CONGRATS sis! Sarap naman ng ganyang feeling :D

eden said...

Congratulation to Wakaba on her Kinder Graduation. They look so cute. Ang sweet ng msge mo. Thanks for sharing

Seiko said...

Omedetou Wakaba chan!
Omedetou Mommy Clang!
I was there,so I know how you feel :D
Touched naman ako sa message mo para kay Wakaba chan.Naalala ko tuloy nung graduation day sa elementary ng dalaga ko,iyakan kami habang binabasa yung mga letter namin para sa kanila.Ang bilis ng panahon ano.
Once again Congrats to both of you.Korekara mo ganbatte ne! ^ 0 ^/

anney said...

Very touching naman ng message!! Great video kahit di ko naintindihan kinanta nila e kakatuwa naman sila panoorin. hehehe!

Chris said...

congratulations!! :D happy mommy moments!

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