Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mommy Liza!!

Dear Mommy Liza,

We have only met on line but I'm so grateful to have a special friend like you here at blogosphere. I never thought that through your fun meme Couple's Corner lead me to write some revelations of my marriage life which I didn't dare to open coz I find them cheezy for me to write (ok lang pag ako nagbasa sa iba because of the kilig feeling ) but now medyo nasasanay na ako and I have known you better as well as your family ( dati hanggang tag lang tayo nakakakilala ng mabuti) and I have learned something from other participants as well. I'm glad to be a part of your meme every Wednesday although I seldom lost interaction at FB.
I remember the day I visited your site for the very first time, you just had your haircut blues and yes, you looked like Rio Locsin just like everyone is saying at your comment section! ^_^
As you celebrate your birthday, May all your wishes come true...

With Love,

***Please visit her sites to greet her on her birthday, she will be the happiest for sure!!^_^
Rodliz’s Nest
This Is My Life


kimmy said...

hello! will you check this out?

Cecile said...

Happy Bday sweet mo talaga, Clang that is why am proud to be one of you kaibigan eh :-)

Mommy Liz said...

Wow naman Clarissa, talagang me post about my birthday at meron pagn short history, Salamat ha, it only means one thing, napaka special ng pagbisista mo sa site ko for the first time, and I left a big impression on you, kasi sabi mo kamukha ko si Rio Locsin. Hehehe! I am so blessed to be one of your friends kahit dito lang sa internet. I can feel your honesty and your warmth. Thank you so much for the friendship! Luv yah! Mwah!!

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