Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mommy Moments--Cars and Kids

Our car is a part of our family---we love going out with it, may it be a short or long drives and of course, our best friend. And even when my husband is out for his car race practices during his free time, we're always at the grandstand watching him doing some hot laps. And everytime the CL7 Honda owners club has touring or something, we' re also there. You might think that the kids are bored during long hours of drive or being tagged along to see their Daddy race but they're not. They' re enjoying and even cheering for their Dad at the grandstand! Sometimes you' ll hear Wakaba say " Daddy is getting his speed down! " LOL! You can read our Enjoy HONDA adventures here.

---My kids and their Daddy at Sugo Circuit------Haruka and Wakaba watching at the grandstand------this is the usual scene if my husband races, all the stuff inside the car is out including the child seats---

---My very best shot of my racer husband !--- ---trying to climb on the pit wall---
---Mom should have at least one pic lol!---
---Wakaba, peacefully sleeping even on a long hour of drive-----Haruka, however stays awake during the drives and loves to listen to her favorite anime songs---
---A friendly reminder: PLEASE FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS!! Baby/child car seats are important to keep your baby safe. Please strapped your baby on a car seat that is properly attached to prevent any injuries during car accidents.---

---CL7Honda Owners Group, Accord Euro Type R according to it's color but in different faces---

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Azumi's Mom ★ said...

my gosh gosh nalula ako sa mga racing cars na yan lalo na mga nakahilerang accords.. i was once a honda lover, as in honda lahat ng nahawakan ko, 2nd hand lang syempre lol.. namiss ko tuloy mag manual, ang sarap at nakaka-high magdrive sigurado sa circuit, gusto ko ma-feel haha (someday)... sana isa sa mga pretty girls ay mamana ang hilig ng kanilang daddy, astig kasi sa girl ang racer eh.. hay naku kung may pera lang ako nuon, tinuloy ko ang drag race sa next level, magastos kasi eh hehe..

i love all the pics.. ang bilis talaga ng panahon, kelan lang ganito sila, bebing-bebi pa.. may elementary student ka na ate, at yung isa yochien na... hayy

Cecile said...

i love all the pix, Clang, but my faves are 5,6 and 10 :-)

Unknown said...

Daming cars dito ahh, and wakaba and haruka im sure will be the next car racer. mahal ng hobby ninyo clang. The hppy helper parang totoo may pa check check pa sa car hehe. Lumalaki at gumaganda lalo mga chikiting patrol mo clang mana sa nanay.

Chris said...

i love the pics mommy... cars are a part of our family no? :D

thanks for taking time to join today Clang! :D

Rossel said...

love that picture of you in the middle of the accords. ngayon ko lang nalaman clang na racer pala si hubby mo. no wonder mahilig din sa cars ang girls mo.

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♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

galing ah, dream ni Patrick maging race car driver. Pero grabeh husband mo ah, pinag re race ang family car.:D

Dhemz said...

broom broom exciting naman talaga ang hobby ni fafa yochan mo mami all the photos...ang saya-saya nyo....kakatuwa tingnan sina wakaba at haruka...ehehhehe!

Marice said...

awww they are soooo cute and i love your "singit" photo :) you look great!

u may view mine here

Enchie said...

You know what, one of the things why I discovered your site, it was because of your post about Honda Cars. We own an old Honda Civic, and we plan to set it up soon. Looking at your posts inspired my husband. Like, his friends keeps on telling him to have his car set up for racing. Pag ganoon sana magkasarili na rin akong car. Honda rin gusto ko :)

I just love seeing you and the kids support Daddy all the way.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow, nagrirace pala si hubby mo Clang, ang galing naman.

eden said...

Nice pic. Love all of them. Mahilig pala sa racing si hubby mo.

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