Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Back With Good News!

---My beer-friend is finally home!---

First things first... I would like to thank everybody for dropping by and for leaving your messages and comments here while I'm at the bukid of tralala ( my PIL's place--just in case if you haven't heard it yet ). Forgive me, we don't have internet there so I can't bloghop and it's boooring really lol!
Yep, I'm back with good news! First, Wakaba has just graduated from Kindergarten and she will start as gradeschool next month. Second, Haruka will be in kindergarten in the same school in where her big sister was in during her kinder days next month--they will be going into different school this time. During the first few months of the school opening, I might be busy again but in times when my husband has his day-off on a weekdays and the kids are at school, we can go out for a lunch date or spend some time just the two of us --that's the third. Fourth, after spending 4 months in the hospital from a car accident, my MIL is finally at home and that's why we went to their place right after Wakaba's Graduation Day coz they also want a double celebration ( she still have a hard time of walking and doing things at home and their ramen shop is still closed and I decided to give a hand and stay coz the kids has no school anyway. My husband went home ahead coz he has to work and was picked up yesterday ). We went to Za-Za ( Yakiniku restaurant ) during the night for a celebration together with my PIL, BIL, SIL Mihoko and daughter Yuina and Ayana and my other SIL Taiko announced that she's three months pregnant!! Well, that's the fifth and a lot to call for a celebration!

And lastly, it's great to be back!!!\(^0^)/


Azumi's Mom ★ said...

welcome back sis.. alam ko naman nu busybee ka, busybee din ako nitong nakaraan.. kainis nga, umuulan pa rin hanggang ngayon. Omedetou kina Wakaba and Haruka.. gosh may dalagita ka na.. So happy din kasi ang daming positive na nangyari this week sa yo.. buti naman magaling na si MIL mo, masaya na lahat. Sayang naman yung Ramen House ni MIL, siguro ang dami costumer na naghihintay.. sayang kung pwedi nga lang ako mag arubaito sa inyo, y not eheh..

MOre blessings to come.. goodluck sa mga pretty girls and take your time to relax para dumating na ang lil angel nyo =) いつも おなか あたたかくして、inadvise sa kin ni sensei yun and i think it worked =)

niko said...

oh my thats a lot of reasons to celebrate!!! for that i will have another margarita here :)

cheers from acuatico!! lol

umma is still with me.. u can call me if u have time she will be happiest to talk to u for sure :)

love u! miss u.

sumilip lng ako while the 2 babies are sleeping.. hihihih.

Chubskulit Rose said...

That's nice to know that your MIL is in good comndition already.. Wow lots of stuff to thank about and enjoy!

Dhemz said...

dami goodnews...kala ko ikaw ang preggy...ehehehhe!

wish you more blessings to come mami Clang....:)

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