Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busy But Exciting Month For Me

Last month was busy--after coming back from a vacation in the Philippines, I attended school meetings, school class Observation Day and the schedule was quite hectic coz aside from doing some kindergarten tasks ( we just finished working on the album for the graduating students and will be distributed after the Graduation Day, bought some gifts for the graduating students and teachers,too )and Haruka is still attending to her preschool 2 and a half hours program twice a week. Unlike in the Philippines,it's very difficult to do some kindergarten tasks here that's why some mothers ( most especially those who have jobs or have small children ) don't want to be a PTA members and other staff coz you will need to come to the kindergarten quite often like me but I call myself a volunteer coz there's always a "pakikisama","pakikitungo" and "pressure" here to do something what I can do even if I have Haruka tagged along with me.
Another busy month for me is March coz Wakaba is graduating from Kindergarten and then she will be a grade schooler on April. If you have just read my previous post, I have been preparing her things already and not to mention that her desk for studying will be shipped to us this weekend and the kids bedroom ( in which Wakaba's desk will be placed ) has turned upside down because they have a lot of toys and we decided to separate the ones that they often play and because we're living in an apartment and we don't have much space for storing, we really need to set them aside( not to throw them away because it's sayang, I'll give them na lang to my pamangkins in the PI ) or else we will not have enough space for the school desk for Wakaba and another desk space for Haruka two years after. --We let them decide on which toys that they have to set aside--I wanted to keep them all because each of the toys has memories for me--
---Wakaba's new room shoes---

---Wakaba's formal wear from COMME CA ISM to be used on her Entrance Ceremony on April---

Haruka is now enrolled in Kindergarten and after Wakaba's Entrance Ceremony as a gradeschooler, Haruka is excited the use her big sissy's uniform on her Entrance Ceremony in Kindergarten!\(^0^)/


Clarissa said...

Forgive me if I can't visit your respective sites for now but I will when I have the time.

Thank you so much for dropping by!

Cecile said...

okay kang,, Clang, kasi mas importante naman yung family mo eh at ang kanilang needs.

ang cute naman ng uniform nila; at ang Nanay super busy sa school!

good job, Mommy Clang :-)

Umma said...

Hello Mommy Clangz.. whew!! what a busy day for you as always. Attending PTA's really eats your time.

Well, I still have to experience once my little Koala will be heading for school and that would be next year.. waaah.. I will be missing him.

BTW, I like the uniform, its so cute and adorable.

Unknown said...

i love her uniform.. it looks really japanese.. ^^

Chris said...

its so exciting naman :) you have a grade schooler na.. i also will have one by june! :D

its great to hear from you clarissa! see you around!

Rossel said...

another hectic month again for you. it's ok Clang, just take your time and do what you have to do.

i like wakaba's new room shoes. looks very comfy.

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Mommy Liz said...

Ako rin di nagtatapon gn toys unless na luray luray na talaga, kasi sayang naman, then ang iba ipinadadala ko sa Pinas, may 3 garbage bags an ako nakatago kasi wala ng space sa kwarto ng mga bata, the more toys, the more mess din, hehhe.

Busy ka pala ah.. ay ganyan talaga ang magign mother ng 2 school age kid, ako nga next year Kinder na rin si Wrozlie, pero di ako sumasali sa mga PTA, bahala sila, hehehe..

♥FreakyehS♥ said...

You are so very active with your kids school activities clang, meeting and other. Nakakabilib.

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pehpot said...

yehey! sumali na rin si Mommy Clang (may tampo ako sa'yo hehe) joke lang un ha

about dun sa contest, since qualified ka na sa contest, lahat ng comments mo from Jan 18 to February 28 sa lahat ng sponsor blogs (including Marce Seiko) ay counted na :)

pag di ka na busy sa akin ka naman mag comment hehe

ako din pag di busy, spam ko site mo ng comments

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi Clang, sensya ka na ngayon lang uli nakapeep.. Ako nga rin super busy kaya di masyadong makabloghop.. Nagpiprapre na rin kasi for Rylie's school stuff this year.. Siguro magiging kasing busy mo na rin ako when she started school, mukhang mawawalan na ako ng time to blog lol..Anyway salamat sa visit and comments Clang.. its 12 midnight now and have to go nytnyt na.. mwah!

Yami said...

You're such a busy mom these days. Maaga pala ang pasukan diyan sa Japan. Naku naimagine ko na ngaragan ang preparation ng uniform at school things ng mga bata. pero ang ganda tingnan kapag ayus na ayus na sa isang place.

dito naman in about two weeks bakasyon na rin ang mga bata.

MJ said...

walang problema oj..nandito lang ako..hehehe naghihintay sayo...hehehe

Clang yan ba uniform nila ang ganda...yong shoes saan yon gagamitin...?

happy blogging and thanks sa visit and friendship mo...

Enchie said...

Hi Clang! na-excite din ako for them.

niko said...

cutey ng uniform nila noh?? please take a pic on haruka's first day sa school..kkaiyak ambilis ng panahon.. soon hhatid mo na yan sa HS nmn hihiiih

Cody said...

Hi, Claire. If I were the one to come to the kindergarten often, di ko titigilan mga bata sa kakakwento ng Naruto. lol. Anyway, thanks talaga for dropping by my blog. I don't blog a lot these days but I'll drop by yours when I can. Take care.

Clarissa said...

To everybody:Thanks for visiting and for giving your comments here,really appreciated them.

@Mommy Peh:ganun ba yun?nagko-comment kasi ako kahit na di ko pa alam yung sa contest.thanks for letting me know.Thanks for dropping by!

@Mommy Liza:yung ibang stuff toys,naipadala ko na sa pinas kaya I'm sure na matutuwa na naman ang mga bata dun.Ang hirap nga kung maraming laruan lalo na kung malalaki,nakakawal ng space tapos di naman masydong nilalaro.
Thanks for dropping by!

@Ate Rose:I'm sure magiging busy ka rin attending PTA meetings lol!Ang bilis talagang lumaki ng mga bata noh?Feeling ko tuloy uugod-ugos na ako lol!Thanks for dropping by!

@Madame Khim:It's not Wakaba's uniform actually--Japanese school here used Sunday dress during their Entrance Ceremony but we didn't buy her a Sunday dress kasi isang beses lang magagamit (kasi wala namang event to wear that one again) and so we picked a mix-and-match formal wear from Comme Ca Ism so she can wear them at school.And yes, it looks like a school uniform lol!
bout sa shoes naman,it's a room shoes that they will wear inside the room.They have separate shoes to wear outside (rubber shoes,etc)and inside the school(room shoes). Thanks for dropping by!

@Sir Luke:Kamusta po?Nice to hear from you again!hahahaha!!I'm sure magkakasundo kayo ng mga bata dito kung marunong ka lang mag niponggo lol!Ang mga grade schoolers yan palagi ang topic nila lol!
No problem,alam ko namang busihan ngayon.Same here,makikibalita din ako dun at kay Dee!

Dhemz said...

mama mia..type na type ko yung skul uniform ni wakaba....very pretty!

bait naman ni daddy yochan...he's helping the girls....

super busy pala ang wondermama...eehheheh!

a quick dalaw dito mamai Clang...I was here earlier...kaso d ako naka leave ng comment....:)

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

natsukashii naman.. naalala ko kasi yung brother ko nung magelementary na sya... its a must nga talaga ang Study Table, kahit na pricy, maganda ang quality kasi up to now nagagamit pa nya at di pa nasisira -- yun nga lang ang dami sulat lol--

my gosh may elementary girl kana, next time nyan chugakkusei na, baka maghanap na ng solo kwarto lol. Ang ganda ng formal wear nya, love it. Goodluck ha, i know super busy na nyan kayo kaya muri ni shinaide ne..

Dee said...

I love the formal wear! It's so cute! Wakaba will really look pretty in them. :)

gene + experiments said...

Aww, her uniform is so cute! How come we don't have cute uniforms in the Philippines? And the room shoes looks comfortable. Again, made me question why our government made kids wear uncomfortable uniforms. I once told Daddy K that we will not enroll Una in a school with plain uniforms. lol!

eden said...

First of all Mommy Clang, thank you for the visit and comments. I understand how busy you are there but still you spend some of your precious time visiting my blog. I am so sorry too for not visiting your blog quite often.

that is nice to know that you are doing volunteer works at your kids school. Ako din nag volunteer in some school activities.sometimes I do helping out with teacher in the class. I did a parent course in the school so I am qualified to do it.

Anyways, ganda ng shoes at ng formal wear, very pretty talaga. nice to see your hubby is helping out sorting the toys. so sweet of him.

Thanks again

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