Monday, September 26, 2011


~ before ~

A lot of parents at school were worried about radiation, the soil that was exposed to radiation leaks at the playground of the school was removed ( please read my post about it here ) My daughter's kindergarten and in gradeschool is doing it's own monitoring here in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture and constantly getting the results that there are no problems. Before, kids at school are allowed to play outdoor for only 30 minutes but now the topsoil were removed, kids are now back playing outdoors ( but still time is limited but longer).

~ after ~

*** There were some 'wakaii mama san tachi ' ( young mothers) often says that they don't want to eat something that comes from our Fukushima Prefecture and that they're frightened of being exposed to radiation but are SMOKERS~ don't they know that they are directly exposed to radioactivity in cigarette smoke? Or is it just me being affected when somebody says something bad about Fukushima on TV? ***


thrift-trip said...

grabe nmn ung mga young moms, they should know better! naku teh dont mind them n lng... ang wrinkles!! :) hihihi

kimmy said...

everybody really seems to have had so much fun!

Dhemz said...

Japan always rises...may action lagi!

Chris said...

it is good to know that children can live normal lives.. amidst all the worries in Japan!

by the way, about the postcard... i dont really mean exactly the same kind of manga.. any sort of manga is acceptable :D

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