Sunday, September 18, 2011


I would like to share some updates and some good ( and the not-so-good ) news of my PIL's situation and for some of those who haven't known yet, they were forced to evacuate their home because of the high radiation levels that could harm their health. Their home is inside the 20 km government-mandated evacuation zone and the residents are now gone at their hometown leaving their homes, livelihoods and pets.

My PIL received 5 items of electric appliances from the Japanese Red Cross Society ( I would like to thank friends who funded for the Kizuna Love Fund , the received money was donated to JRCS ) and some relief goods from the government. They have returned to their home in Namie last month for two hours only wearing a white full-body protective suit to pick up some important belongings. They also looked for their pet Shiro but he's nowhere to be found.

It seems that we woudn't be returning to our home in Namie anytime soon and that makes us more depressed. It is said that it'll take 35-40 years to be able to come back and they are worried about how they will recover. Although their home wasn't hit by the tsunami but it feels like just the same. Home is gone! They still have a home but yet cannot live at their own house and make a living. Memories are precious to peoples live's and I feel sad too because Namie is my kids birthplace and although it doesn't show to their faces, deep inside they're hurting to be away with their home, friends and relatives . I can feel their sufferings, silently...


♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Grabeh naman sis, you know what, Mabuti pa yung Tsunami,one time and naka recover na yung karamihan after the earthquake, unlike the Radiation, my god, 35 to 40 years bago mawala. Japan is known for having the best technology in the world, but with this radiation disaster,parang yung technology din nila ang papatay sa economy nila.

It must be hard for your PIL's t fully adjust to their new place.Pero sis,paano yung mga kinuha nilang gamit sa house nila,wala ba yung radiation?

Clarissa said...

@Mommy Willa: Ang mga gamit na kinuha nila galing sa house are checked kung wala ngang radiation tapos pati rin sila after using the protective suits,it is disposed na.Nakahanda na sila kung anuman ang mangyayari if ever na may darating na usapan galing sa gobyerno na bibilhin ang properties nila,pwede nilang ipagbili to start anew kaya lang walang usapan na ganun kaya hanging ang kalagayan nila ngayon.

ferry'zWILL said...

thats very sad update Mommy Clang :( but I want that everything will be fine.
My employers are Japanese also, and I know what they feel about this. I guess I can also feel their silent sufferings.

But God is still good that you and your family are all good and fine. God knows what was happening. Stay safe and God bless said...

35 to 40 years is soooo matagal teh :( nkkasad to know na di na tlga nkita si shiro :(

but who knows teh, there is no impossible with God! let's just hope for the best.. like what yobib and i use to say when we are at our lowest times, the best is yet to come! :)

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