Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Day Fun At Tokyo Disneyland

Last Sunday, our family went to the Tokyo Disneyland and we arrived there at 10 am and as we walk from the entrance, most of the Disney characters were walking around, busy posing for pictures with guests and visitors but we passed them all coz we wanted to get a FASTPASS first before anything else to book our time to go on the rides most especially for Pooh's Hunny Hunt coz these fast passes go quickly, we also booked for Mickey's PhilharMagic, the newest attraction at Disneyland and if you're visiting Disneyland, I would highly recommend you to get first a fastpass coz it really saves your time! While we wait for the time, we watched a show and ate our lunch at the Queen Of Heart Banquet Hall and went two rides-- the Alice Tea Party ( a chaotic ride where we sat on a giant teacup and was spinned very fast by Wakaba ) and Castle Carrousel which my kids enjoyed a lot and after that we went to see the newest attraction, Mickey's Philhar Magic where Wakaba and Haruka were amazed by the 3-D film magical orchestra concert and they can't help reaching out their hands and trying to touch the disney friends popping out of the screen lol! And while still waiting for the time, we watched the beautiful day time parade that was left half-unfinished and went at the Pooh's Hunny Hunt ( we love bouncing along with Tigger and gosh, that attraction is really popular! You'll wait for 2 hours if you don't get a fastpass! ) then went to the Haunted Mansion and had the last ride at the Monster's Inc Hide&Go Seek where we play the game hide go-seek with the lights off and used the flashlights to find the monsters hiding around the area. Wakaba and Haruka enjoyed 'em a lot although Haruka was a lil bit scared when the lights were turned off.
We went there already late and left early ( 6 pm because the kids have classes next day, Monday) but luckily we have tried most of the attractions that we wanted to try for one day. With a lot of waiting for our turn to try for some rides/attractions, the kids were very patient, tired but had a load of fun ^_^
"Jubilation!" Tokyo Disneyland Day Time Parade

Jasmine and Aladdin
Chip and Dale
Tokyo Disneyland's newest attraction that was opened last January 24,2011--Mickey's PhilharMagic

Carrousel Ride

Haruka and Wakaba at Fantasyland

Pooh's Hunny Hunt ( boy, it smells good when you're inside! )

Monsters, Inc.

Cinderella Castle

Landscape groomed to perfection!

Next year, same month, we'll be going to Tokyo Disney Sea Resort ! Wooot!!\(^0^)/


Ruth said...

Wow! Fun fun fun! You're children are blessed to have a happy family like yours. We've been to Disneyland in HK but I bet Japan's has more to offer.

BTW, we hope you can link to Postcard Exchange meme this week. Thanks!

Dhemz said...

awwwwwwwww....ang saya-saya naman...am sure you guys will come there more often....:) been 5 years na din akong d nakapunta sa DL...hope to go back there soon....:)

thanks for sharing all the pics mamiClang....:) dako na imong mga dalaga woi...si Wakaba taas na.

kimmy said...

wow! that was so much fun!!!

anney said...

Sana matuloy kami this year HK disneyland!

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