Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Postcard Exchange

I just received a postcard from sunny Thailand and it's a first! Thank you very much!!This will be my first post for the meme and I'm very happy to able to participate The Learning Center's Postcard Exchange Project and of course I wanna make their homeschoolers happy by getting mails from their mail box and so I sent mine too from Japan. The practice of sending cards and letters is slowly dying and when I first learned about the project, I was glad that I'm not the only one who still get excited to receive mails fresh from the mailbox. I hope their homeschoolers would learn something about the cultures from all over the world through the postcard exchange project. Hope that you could join the project and even if you're not joining the project for their homeschoolers, hope that you can still join the meme, please click the linky for more details^_^


Mrs. M said...

Wohoho! This made us all excited. Our postcard finally reached you in Japan! Yes, that's the first postcard that made it through the project. Yey!!!! I'm really hoping that through this project, our mailbox will come alive with excitement, and not just only receiving bills and ads.

Thank you, Clarissa, for joining us this week. I so enjoyed reading your post.


Gizelle said...

I had long wanted to join this meme, saka yung snack exchange din! :D musta kayo mommy Clang? I got a visitor from Japan...and if you don't mind please email me your address so I can send you something when he comes back (pero taga Osaka sya)...(sa march 28 sya babalik)

anney said...

Ganda namn ng project na yan remembrance na din!

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