Sunday, October 17, 2010

Haruka's Undokai

Haruka's first Undokai or Sport's Day was somehow sad coz their Daddy is on the job but the truth is he was supposedly off on the said event ( he asked for a day-off weeks ago ) but he received an emergency call in the evening before the undokai so he has to work halfday to be able to attend even for the last minute knowing that the undokai will end after lunch. Secondly, my PIL wasn't able to attend coz my MIL is still in the hospital for the nth time(T_T) however, she did call to give Haruka some boost and encouragement.
This is my 3rd year to observe Undokai or Sport's Festival of my kids. First was Wakaba's First Undokai in Kindergarten, then Wakaba's 2nd undokai , and Wakaba's Sport's Day at Primary School and now it's Haruka's turn! How time flies!!! Well, anyway I prepared some homemade bentou requested by Haruka for us to take for lunch. We went at school right in time and enjoyed ourselves and had a great time. Haruka participated most of the game and she loves it most especially the parent-daughter/son tandem game. It's a lot of fun to participate games with my kid! The game includes tug-of-war, tama ire ( where the kids had to shoot some balls into the basket ), relay races and pass the button relay and a somewhat ' finding ' or 'hunting race' . The kids picked up cards that had things they had to find then they bring to the finish line. Wakaba and some first graders also participated games like pan kui where the kids must grab a piece of bread hanging without using their hands. They were given notebooks as prize for particpating the game, Haruka and the kindergarteners were given a medal.
All in all, it was a success except for some occassional rain and I'm looking forward to next year's undokai--this time with their Daddy and Grandparents. ^_^
Homemade bentou requested by Haruka: Nikumaki Onigiri ( rice wrapped with seasoned beef )

Haruka, marching with a smile!
Getting nervous??
" Haruka chan, give Mama a smile over here! " and she did ^_^
Relay Race
Haruka is a fast runner but she didn't win the 1st place
Mama and Haruka tandem
We did it!! Haruka did a great job! I'm so proud of her!
Lunch time, having a feast with my homemade bentou
Their Daddy came right after the ending ceremony--still on his white uniform lol!
So proud of their achievements!
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Chubskulit Rose said...

I love all the smiles in the hotos, such a great family bonding for you guys.

anne said...

I hope there's this kind of event at my daughter's school. Great smiles, did you win the game? Mine is up and its here thanks

Mylene said...

Cute ni Haruka! Nakangiti pa habang tumakbo. Love to see how kids play, wala pang halong pag aasam na manalo, just plain play.

Is your hubby a nurse?

Unknown said...

Ang galing. Cute ng bento at super enjoy ang activity. Looking for for stuff like that when my daughter starts attending a regular school.

Aimee said...

Hi Clarissa! Nice to meet you here. You got some cute kids there. Love your daughter's smile as she runs. Looks like she really had a great time.

Thanks for dropping by my site.

Newlyweds said...

awww nice! happy happy day!

oh..ive got an award for you...

Lynn said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting. Love all your pictures here. Everybody seemed to have so much fun. Love the bento also. :)

Gizelle said...

Everyone looks happy there! ang saya! The obentou looks so yummy, I bought stuff from a jap store the other day para makastart na din ako mag-bentou at mag-enjoy naman mga kids ko sa food nila hehe...hope you enjoy this week clang...pahug sa mga kids!

Arlene said...

Aww Haruka is so cute! Congrats for hitting the goal!

Dhemz said...

aw...ang saya-saya! way to go golly, sports minded pala tong anak mo Mami Clang...ang cute nang mother/daughter tandem...sweet!

buti naka apas pa si fafa Yochan...ehehhehe! kalami sa homemade....very colorful!

Mel_Cole said...

Awww, so cute cute! So happy and entertaining pictures :) Love reading your blog Clang :) I super admire your lunch box preparation. As in.

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