Monday, October 25, 2010

The GAP Generation

Last weekend was a shopping day for my kids autumn gears at Fashion Cruise, New Port Hitachinaka .Well, it's a fashion mall here in Japan that has The GAP Generation Store ( newest member of the GAP family) nearest us--2 and a half hours from our place. We purchased 4 articles of clothing for them and 2 hoodies for me and my husband. I guess my kids must have sprouted like vines! I was hoping that most of the clothes that I bought my kids last year a bit bigger would fit them this year. I've been picking up clothes here and there from malls most especially on good bargains and on clearance sale.
I do love shopping for my kids but how I wish we have GAP stores near us--I love their cool styles and super comfy to wear too.
We had a really good weekend, kind of crazy, busy but fun ^_^
Pink knit and hoodies
Wakaba, sporting the GAP style
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Dhemz said... cute naman tong dalawa...nag shopping...ehhehehe...can't afford GAP mamiClang...they are too pricey...buslot bulsa!

my golly, you guys drove 2 1/2 hours just to get!

Unknown said...

Shoppaholic pala itong W&H mo clang. mamahal pa ng mga nabili gap hehehehe.

btw, grabbed your badge clang added to my collection sa lahat ng blogs ko at nakawin ko rin yung sa new bloggy mo

Verna Luga said...

Clang.. wa may Gap Diri sa amu oi.. kung naa man ukay-ukay na hahaha... pero dear.. wow love that accs cart.. lami ana inegosyo diri Clang.. kakikayan hehehe..Kacute sa imung mga kiddos.. nice blouse pud. agi ko.

MinnieRunner said...

Is that the new logo of GAP?
You're daughter is a cutie :)

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

what a cute li'l shoppers!

Sassy Mom said...

My kids also love GAP clothing. They will surely look lovely in those outfits.

anney said...

Very pretty choices!

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