Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Activities

---Watched Mareeze's ( women's soccer game) at J-Village---

I'm back and it's really great to be back at blogosphere!! Thanks to all who prayed for my MIL's speedy recovery and to all who left some messages and for dropping by even if I can't return all the visits. I always take full advantage during my kids summer vacation and made it worthwhile.
Summer activities means FUN to my kids but me and my husband tried to balance between play and study even when on a vacation. During their off from school, they were given an assignment to complete before the school resumes which is on Wednesday of next week. We let her read and do mathematics ( her assignments at school ) everyday but Wakaba I guess was so excited, she wanted to do them first thing in the morning and that she finished some of her project already so she can had a load of fun the whole summer vacation without worrying with undone assignments after lol! Even when we went at my PIL's home, she practiced reading and doing her math assignments everyday. Here are some of my kids summer activities that I bet they really had a good time ( and so am I! ) ^_^ ---Checking her assignments----
---Addition and subtraction cards; Wakaba is good on numbers ^_^---
---Summer treat together with Wakaba and Haruka's friends ( with a consent of their parents of course ) at the pool---
---Watched Pretty Cure All Star Show live---
---Went to Amusement Parks---
---Tanabata Matsuri---
---Went fishing together with my kids cousins and Grandfather--- ---Wakaba is attending swimming lesson, twice a week----
---Wakaba doing her project---
---Seeing Wakaba's drawing ( she's improving, too ) makes me feel a lot of emotions: proud, happy coz we are all smiling and is colourful---

And my gosh, I'm so excited to be back!!! ( my summer activities online has just begun lol! )\(^0^)/


niko said...

wow! super busy ng summer nio girl!! ang sasaya ng mga pictures!

si wakaba, swimmer na mathematician pa!!

hanap kta.. ayan wla kn nmn sa mga pictures ihihihi ^_^

gustong gusto ko ung drawing ni wakaba! may salamin tlga si fafa yochan!! ikaw ba ung nka bathing suit na green dun?? hihhi :)

Unknown said...

What isTanabata Matsuri sis? Looks like a festival for kids.

Whoa. Galing mag-draw ni Wakaba. Happy faces means happy family talaga sis. Colorful ang drawing kasi colorful den ang life nyo. Hihi.

anney said...

Exciting naman activities ng mga bata! gosh ang galing mag drawing ni wakaba! Ganyan pa lang kabata e magaling na lalo na pag laki nyan!!

Gizelle said...

wow Summer fun indeed! Kakatuwa naman pag visit ko napakanta pa ko: "omoide zutto zutto wasurenai sora futari ga hanarete ittemo konna sukina hito ni deau kisetsu nido to nai" -ahahaha, fave ko yan from Arashi! :)

Genki de ne!

Mylene said...

Grabe! Fun-filled summer activities! Surely they will be much motivated to study when school days come.

Mommy Liz said...

wow! ang galing mag drawing ni Wakaba, ganyan din ang feeling ko kapag may drawing si Roan at Wrozlie, parang..kenino kaya nagmana ang mga anak ko at ang galing, hehehe.. You had so much fun this summer ah..

Dhemz said...

my gosh...super duper busy si supermom...galing naman! ang saya-saya nang mga bata...dami fun activities....:)

cute nang drawing ni Wakaba mamiClang...she is very artistic....nako brainy naman nitong mga anak mo...baka sa harvard ang bagsak nito someday...ehehehe!

btw, salamat sa birthday greetings sweet of yah...thanks ulit...mwah!

Lulu Post said...

you have a fun summer mami clang! naku di kaya ng powers ko ang mga activities if it is too hot!

galing ng drawing ni wakaba.

and my fave is the fishing bonding! love it! can't wait for fall para balik fishing kami.

thanks for your messages in my blog! mwaaahhh

Grace said...

Ang ganda naman ng mga pictures. I like the one with the Pretty Cure All Star Show. I want to see them. (para akong bata ano? ang ganda naman kasi.)
Anyway, of all the pictures you showed, I like the best the drawing piece of your girl. Very good and touching. :)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Welcome back mommy clang, glad to hear that you MIL is better now. Ikaw na yata ang mommy na walang pahinga ahh. After a long week and weekend at you MIL, here you are back being busy at your kids activity. Ulirang ina ka talaga. Love the pictures, saya naman.

Yami said...

Wow! the kids had lots of fun sa mga summer activities nila.

Nice to know na magaling sa numbers si Wakaba, bihira lang batang enjoy ang numbers. And she's creative. Maganda siyang mag-drawing. :)

Dhemz said...

agi ko dire kadali mamiClang...salamat ulit sa pressies ha...kuratan man sad ta got me...thanks again...mwah! nighty night....:)

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

nagbilib naman ako kay Wakaba.. ang galing nya, parang budding artist talaga.. syempre, gagaling sila sa numbers, you know naman japanese.. di na kailangan ang calculator lol..

How's your MIL? I hope she's ok now. Ingat palagi and enjoy ang mga natitirang araw ng bakasyon.. ang bilis naman no

eden said...

Ang saya ng summer nyo. Daming activities for the kids. So smart ni Wakaba and its good she is good in numbers. I like her artwork too. She is really so talented.

Mel_Cole said...

aww, nakaka-jealous naman to see how your kids have grown na Clar. Very busy photos, and that's good coz they're keeping on learning many good things.

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