Sunday, August 22, 2010

PBW--NASU Animal Kingdom

---NASU Animal Kingdom-- Nasu, Tochigi----

During my kids summer vacation at school, we wanted our kids to have fun memories and great adventures inspite that my husband is busy and crazy over his work but taking our kids out is also our sort of relaxation and we wanted the kids to get excited so all of the summer plans is a secret to them. We didn't tell them where we're going, only hints: not at the circuit, not at Disneyland nor Disney Sea, and not at Sanrio Puroland ( not this year and if we are, we always planned of a 2 days fun so staying at a hotel is another plus to be planned for.

This time we went to NASU Animal Kingdom at Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture ( 3 hours drive from our place ) where my kids had a blast with all kinds of animals ( 500 and more ) from aqua to zoo and they had a close contact with dogs, rabbits, etc and we spent almost a day there coz the park is soo spacious--it is 10 times larger than Tokyo Dome and they have a free bus transportation to go over where you wanted to explore at the animal kingdom. Wakaba enjoyed her first ride at a camel ( the truth is I wanted to ride too but it says that the camel ride is limited for people who weights 50 kilos only lol ) and Haruka also enjoyed the horse ride with me at the back ( gosh, bumalik ako sa pagkabata! ). We also enjoyed the New Zealand Farmshow performing the scenes of sheep farming-- the dogs did a very good job of controlling the sheeps and of course with the help of a sheep raiser from New Zealand. They also have a bird performance show and some events which family will love to enjoy.

We had a wonderful time, walking around and staying there for a day really worth the money we spent and the food is delicious and the whole area is clean and lots of greens to cherish! I thought that my kids will get tired feet but no, they're active in walking and I love 'em for that!

And again, another fun summer memories for all of us ^_^ ---Close encounter with dogs---
---Kawaii neko chan!!---
---Cats world---
---My kids had a lot of fun feeding the rabbits with carrot---
---Humboldt Penguin---
---Aqua Zone---
--- Eurasian Eagle Owl, Bird Town----
---Wakaba enjoying a camel ride---
---While me and Haruka enjoys the horse ride--- ---Watching the show with Daddy---
---New Zealand Farm Show---
---Yakiniku lunch, good for big eaters like our family---
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shydub said...

Bait talaga ng asawa mo clang ano, kahit super duper busy he still find time to take you guys out.

That place looks awesome, imagine 500+ animals, im sure andyan lahat ng kamag anak ko hehehe. You deserved all that break clang and so the kids and your hubby. Super busy yata lahat kayo pag pasukan kaya dapat ienjoy lahat ng quality time pag summer diba. Di tulad sa hinayupak kung asawa na puro complain kahit walang ginagawa ayan tuloy nagka hernia sa sobrang tamad hehehehe salbahis ko talaga ano waaa.

niko said...

wow!!! super saya naman nyan clang! :) sama naman ako next time LOL hihih

for sure super enjoy ang mga anakis mo jan! kitang kta sa mga pictures ang saya :) hihihih

thanks for dropping by my blog dearie... my sore eyes lola mo :( waaaah

Marice said...

wow looks like a great adventure and experience esp to your little one sissy :)

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

awww....super-dooper-mega-over-grabeh-to-the-max naman ang pagkacute ng mga bunnies, as in so pluffy ng balahibo,even the cats, sarap yakapin,parang stuffed toys. :)
Halatang enjoy na enjoy ang buong fmaily sa trip na yan ah. :)

kimmy said...

wow! lovely animals... and the kids were obviously having so much fun. nice post!

Lulu said...

oh gosh pwede makikain? I am sure that andrea will love that place as she likes animals.

btw, andrea's bday is december 10. Ay naku parang kailan lang she will be 3 already.


Azumi's Mom ★ said...

Happy Summer Ate CLang.. malapit na matapos kaya super enjoyin nyo na.. Kami andito lang kami, walang plano lumayo kasi napaka-busy din ni Hubby. Thanks for sharing, di ako sure kung nakapunta na kami dyan kasi parang familiar yung lugar.. nuon kasi lagi kami pinapasyal ni Papa, di pa kasi uso ang digicam nun at di pa ko matandain sa mga lugar.

There's always next time naman.. gusto ko din pumunta disney ngayon kahit kami lang 2 ni anzu.. next time na lang ulit..

Grabe ang init no, super malamok pa. Ingat palagi.

Unknown said...

Mommy clang im back again here to say thank you forthe package we got this morning. Justine love the Jinbei and i love the chocolate hehehe tinago ko yata para hindi masobrahan ang mga dragon ko baka lumipad ng malayo sa sobrang sugar hehehe. Nilantakan kaagad ni jake. Thanks clang sa gift aguy ma uwaw mn sd ko. I love it. thanks mwah

eden said...

What a beautiful place to visit with the whole family! Ang saya nyo.Super cute naman ng mga cats. The horse ride is my kids favourite. Great photos.

Dhemz said... all the pics...ang saya-saya! Akesha would love to go there...mahilig kasi to sa mga hayop k sa mga!

I like the 3rd and 4th pic from the last a lot....ganda nang family bonding....super saya!

anney said...

ka ku- kyut naman ng mga animals na yan! Sarap iuwi sa bahay. lol!

Anonymous said...

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Mel_Cole said...

Oh Is that the animal zoo you're talking about in your recent post? Those animals are really awesome. I have never seen an owl and your owl photos looked so cute! Nagutom ako while looking at the hibachi.

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