Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pixel Bug Weekend


Wakaba's school in Kindergarten just held a fund raising with the help of the PTA and some volunteer Moms was a success!! I guess you have already known that I was quite busy during the last few months because of some preparations at the bazaar. Unlike last year, this years bazaar at Wakaba' s school was a mini because of the spreading H1N1. Last year, we had a lot of gourmets for sale such as curry rice, pop corn, etc. and we have planned the same this year but we cancelled them before the big day because of the spreading virus. Only a few guests were invited and we asked them to wear a face mask for protection and sprayed some rubbing alcohol before entering the school. The PTA and some volunteer Moms made some handmade crafts to be sold at the event and I guess some of you have seen the result of the ECO-CRAFT BASKET that I made for the bazaar and we also made some other handmade crafts aside from the baskets. I' m not good at crafts but was thankful to be able to experience such doing stuffs like that. The proceeds will be used for improving the school and last year was a new swing was added.
Volunteer Moms at the counter--cashier and wrapping goodies in-charge

The school have some Outdoor games, art sessions and tables for all
How about making colorful stitches over your plain and dull towels?
Homemade cakes and cookies
Handmade Eco-craft basket
Mascot clips/pinches
Are tempted with these one? They're made of felt cloth turned into a yummy display!!
A lot of buyers!! Most of the craft displays were sold after an hour!!
The school Principal/Director giving roasted sweet potatoes to all participating Moms
Yours truly! It was F-U-N!!^_^

Happy Monday and enjoy your week ahead!! For more Pixel Bug Weekenders, head up here


♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Grabeh! ang cute ng mga items na tinitinda nyo,I love those little colorful baskets.Our weekend was also about fund raising, I hope you can visit.

Dee said...

Very nice products! I really had fun looking at them. And parang ang saya ng fund raising.

Happy Monday! :)

Unknown said...

wow, those are cute stuffs sis.. Nice variety of choices..

sis, hope you could vote for my daughter on December Pinoy Smile Contest on her link below:

Thanks a lot..

Unknown said...

oh, i missed those boiled sweet potatoes!

nice baskets.. i love eco-friendly stuff! :D

Enchie said...

Nakakatuwa naman Clang! Sana soon, I will be able to join some Bazaars like yours :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow ang daming cute handicrafts..

wala pa akong gamit na inaayos Clang, mid-January pa darating yung household goods namin kaya dito muna kami kay Dad this Christmas..

Genejosh said...

wow galing!!! we also have here in school but sila lang mga Thai ang incharge coz we can't deal the customers using the Thai language...LOL! yours is a blast! galing ni Mommy Clarissa!!! you're one of the volunteer-mom! Bravo sis!!! saludo ako sayo...congrats for the success of your Bazaar...

Paula said...

Ang galing naman ng mga moms jan at ang sisipag. You have nice items there and if I was there I would have bought one eco bag in a snap.

Unknown said...

nice naman ng mga baskets and goodies.. very meaningful pa ng weekend nyo sis ha..

sarap ng sweet potatos, yummmm...

i hope u can visit my PBW post too -

anne said...

I am really looking for something out of the house that keeps me busy, hehehe just like what you are doing. UHmm my husband already suggested for me to join some programs at school just to keep my being bored at home away. anyway thanks for leaving a comment girl

kamz said...

hi mommy clang! that looks like a very fun activity. i miss eating roasted sweet potatoes. i had my fill when i was still there in japan. and the baskets all look nice. hope you were able to raise the funds that you needed for the school improvement.

ui, baka feel mo sumali sa Tuesday meme namin called Tuesday Couch Potatoes. pag di ka busy, hope you can join. theme for tomorrow is Great Outdoor Adventure. hugs!

i have an award for you pala at my blog.

David Funk said...

That was some very cute stuff and glad you enjoyed this!

Thanks for sharing, Clarissa!

Marice said...

wow such a nice idea and fun activity indeed!

u may view mine here

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

ang mura naman nung yummy towels, 100 yen lang hehe... ang saya naman at ang sarap mamili kasi hand made lahat.. wish i was there, di ko pa naexperience yan pero parang masaya din.

Ingat kayo lahat sa influenza. Kami din di nakami naglalakwacha ni azumi kung di kasama dad nya =( lagi nga din ako tawag sa kids clinic para magpareserve kc may plan talaga kami uwi ng pinas this dec. Baka ma-cancel naman dahil sa influenza =(

pehpot said...

ahaha don't we all love that word? SALE SALE SALE.. ahaha

super meaningful naman ang weekend mo clang and those baskets are so cool..

Thanks for visiting my PBW

D.L. Verzosa said...

hello there... i really want to expand my blog and get to know new blog friends, care to ex-link and follow my blog... after publishing this note, i will follow yours right away!

Cecile said...

wow, ang gaganda naman ng mga baskets uy; and you all look happy :-); the kamote reminds me when i was still a kid :-); kaka miss!

Seiko said...

Hello Mommy Clang!
Enjoy talaga pag may bazaar ano?Nakakaloka sa sobrang mura yet nakakapagod dahil maraming preparasyon.
Taihen otsukare sama deshita!:D
Thank you always for the visit,tottemo issogashii din ako out here,remember December ang ichiban isogashii no jiki here in Japan.
How's your Mil doin' nga pala?Naoperahan na ba?

Seiko said...

I'll be back here again to read your other posts.

anney said...

Very artistic naman ang gaganda ng mga products! Penge din ako ng kamote! lol!

JonaBQ said...

cute talaga ng mga japan items. that's why i love shopping in japan home stores here in the phils.

Baby Shower

With Love Wednesday

have a blessed day!

Kero said...

well, it looks a lot of fun and lots of money making opportunity!

my entry is here

Anonymous said...

Hi I love the bayong bag. Ang gandang pag giveaway and earth friendly too. Thanks for the visit Mommy Clang! :)

Lulu said...

i love the little baskets... It will be great to put Andrea's crayons there...Good job mami clang! thumbs up for you!

Mylene said...

Hi Mommy,

Thanks for the visit :)

I love the baskets ha :) very creative.

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