Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday,Mommy Chris!!

Look who' s celebrating her birthday today??!! ^_^

The fun comes in double measures because aside from the presents, you have your family and friends to share with you the joy and happiness of your birthday.

Thank you so much for hosting Mommy Moments meme--- joining every Friday means fun and excitement of meeting some other Moms who are participating Mommy Moments.

Happy Birthday, Mommy Chris!! May you have a memorable one this year! ^_^

Send your birthday greetings at her site through this linky button:

the mommy journey Inspirational Insights


Chris said...

Im so touched Mommy Clarissa! :D thanks for this post!

Dhemz said...

happy birthday to mami Chris...way to go!

Enchie said...

Happy Birthday again to you Chris!

eden said...

belated happy birthday mommy chris.. may you have many birthdays to come

Unknown said...


花生豆花Alex said...


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