Sunday, August 16, 2009

Only the Two of Us

My Mother- In- Law has been grateful to take the kids ahead of us to their place and left us to enjoy for a couple of days just the two of us at home..... Yochan and I.....
That evening, we went to our fave ramen shop to eat our dinner then Wakaba and Haruka went ahead to their Dad's hometown together with their GrandMa. Wakaba left me a message before she left: " Deito shicha dame da yo!! " ( don' t have a date! ) said Wakaba. Hhmmmnn...she' s worried about spending the time only the two of us and so I told her: " Shimpai nara ikanakutemo iindayo " ( You don' t have to go if you' re that worried ) grinning to myself. She' s jealoused but she wanted to go lol!! Haruka was cool sitting on a child seat beside her big sissy and she told her: " Nakanaide, onechan! " ( don' t cry ) because Wakaba is teary eyed. God forgive me, but I was laughing inside!! Kawaii!! Wakaba loves her Daddy that much!! \(^0^)/ And they left after Wakaba and I did a yubikiri genma ( pinky swear ) promising not to have a date with his father. ^_^
Yochan and I went back to the apartment--- I don' t know why but the apartment feels so huge na dating masikip pag nandito ang mga bata. And the mood was kind-a-so-so....We' re not used without the kids and it' s our first time spending days without them and it' s kind-a unhappy and sad and we both felt that there' s somethin' is missing... the kids! The kids both decided to go ahead of us and it' s only a couple of days, Yochan and I decided to enjoy ourselves just like the old days and had a date!! What?? Are you thinkin' about the promise I made to Wakaba? Nani??Wakaba chan to no yakusoku datte?? Shhhh!!! This lil secret is between you and me ^_^ After an hour and a half we were given a call from my MIL that they arrived safely at home and that the kids were asleep. And off we go to a nearby Izakaya , a walking distance from our apartment. We had a 2 hours nomihodai ( drink til you puke lol!! ) you can drink all you can such as beer, sour ( mixed drinks ) or shochu based drinks ( distilled spirits ) and ordered some appetizers. ( I' m sorry but I want them off cam--pagbigyan nyo na ako, I didn' t took photos coz I really enjoyed the night ONLY the two of us together that even a flash of a camera is becoming annoying to me although the room is private no other customer but us. I' ll post the other photos with the kids as promised. ) The last time we went for a date was a MISIA concert ( read story here ) last Febuary. A lot talkings that brings out the memories of the past, most especially our ' against all odds lovestory' lol!--I don' t know if I have posted them here already! We didn' t even recognized the time not until the staff asked our last order. でも 何だかんだ と言って、話のネタは 子供の事 ばっかり だから。子供て 愛されている だよね!!
1st day: It' s our first time to wake up until noon---no waking up early for obento ( lunch boxes ) and waking up at midnight for Haruka' s pee time. We went for a karaoke for two hours and had fun there!! At dahil nga uugod-ugod na ako, di ko na alam kung ano ang bagong kanta lol! We just bought an obento and cup ramen for dinner na pwede lang namin magawa kung wala ang mga bata.
2nd day: We did a general cleaning at home and watched DVD and had some popcorn and a cola. We went to Aquamarine, Fukushima ( a sea museum ) and watched a nightime aquarium--it' s kind a romatic!! I will post other entry at the day time aquarium with the kids.
3rd day: We spent an hour an a half drive to Yochan' s hometown using the highway and soon as we arrived I finally hugged my children!! Oh dear, I really missed them!! Wakaba whispered to me: ' Mama, tanoshinda deshou? ' ( Mama, did you enjoy? ) and said Yes! ' Mama zurui yo!! ' ( Mama, a cheater!!) we were laughing when Wakaba jumped to her Dad. She was smiling when her Dad promised to take Wakaba and Haruka only for a date lol!! ^_^
こんな ママで ごめんなさいね!!ママは 楽しいかったよ!!\(^0^)/

Thank you so much for the visits and for dropping messages here at Kizuna -- I' m back and it' s really great to be back!! ^_^


Clarissa said...

Tadaima!!Happy Monday to everyone!!We're back yesterday evening!!Thanks for dropping by--I'll be at your respective sites for a visit!!It's great to be back!!\(^0^)/

Cecile said...

it's nice to have a time without kids every once in awhile, diba?

good to know you had fun!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh wow, grabe nagdate pala kayo ni papa hehehe, kakaenvy naman lol.. John told me the other day that when we go back to the states, maybe my inlaws will like to attend to the kids for a day or two para makapagdate naman kami, dito kasi ala akong kilala na mapagkakatiwalaan eh..

Can't wait to see the pictures of your week adventure Rizza, thanks for dropping by and the comments.. Mwah!

Dhemz said...

wohooo....welcome back Mami bait naman ng MIL mo....naks, baka masundan si haruka nito ha....hehehehhe....:)

salamat mami Clang sa dalaw at comments....mwah...a quick visit here....:)

shaine said...

oy! sarap ng feeling na kayo lang ng hubby mo at ibalik ung dati nyo gawa bago kayo ikinasal, halata naman na enjoy na enjoy ka sis according sa mga kwento mo hehehe.

nway, kht naman anjan mga babies mo kita naman na masaya ka talaga! i'm happy 4 u sis!

niko said...

i was smiling while reading this one!! waaaaah! wakaba is like yena.. naku gusto sila lang ang love ng daddy ha.

natutuwa ako at nagdate kau after february. that was what yobib wanted rin minsan pero nasasad tlga ako pag aalis na di kasama yena.. naku mother na mother ka my dear! weeeeh. kunyari lng nmn siguro ayaw ni wakaba mag date kau :D bata tlga hahaha

gusto ko sana mkta picture mong lashing ka hahahah :) oh cge na nga ung ibang pix na lng na pede ishare :D heheheh

have a great week my dear! mwah mwah

vhingF said...

ahemmmm....baka mag PLUS 1 na naman kayo sure JR na yon...hehehe, oi,oi kung di ko pa alam second honey moon na yan or baka too much moon na un hahahaha ,jokesss.

Regards and hugs& kisses to kids.

agent112778 said...

wow ang sweet parang BF/GF ulit :">

ahh my idea ako why you MIL insisted to have that "only the Two of us"

no more pix?

Dee said...

Hi Clarissa! Good to have you back! :D

Wow, that was so nice! So romantic! As I was reading this, it felt like I was reading a romance novel, hehe. :)

But truly, taking the time to spend time with just each other is truly wonderful. Couples need to do that every now and then, you know, to remember what brought them together in the first place. Kasi sometimes, due to the fast pace and busyness of life, couples sometimes forget. So that was good what you both did.

Take care! :)

Clarissa said...

@Ate Cecile:Oo nga,buti na lang nandyan si MIL para maiwanan paminsan-minsan.Thanks for dropping by!! ^_^
@Ate Rose: I'm looking forward to that--palagi naman akong kinikilig everytime I visited your site!!Kahit na paminsan-minsan lang magkaroon naman ng time sa isa't -isa.I'll post the summer adventures soon!Thanks for dropping by!^_^
@Mommy Dhemz: Sana nga masundan na si Haruka lol!!Thanks for dropping by!!^_^
@Sistah Shaine: Minsan lang yan--buti na lang meron akong naramdamang kilig habang nagde-date kami lol.Siguro nung araw lang na yun na nawala sa isip ko si Jenson Button lol!!\(^0^)/
@Niko dearie:Oo nga,rival talaga ako ni Wakaba!!Ayaw nga nun na palagi kaming magkadikit eh lol!Pagkatapos ng aming munting bakasyon,pass na muna ako sa beer--medyo lomolobo na naman ako!!(T_T)Thanks for dropping by!!^_^
@Madam Vhing: Last year pa namin balak sundan si Haruka kaya lang talagang di pa sinuswerte--sana nga masundan na si Haruka!!^_^Thanks for dropping by!!
@Pareng Jay: Ssshhh!!Ang bait nya noh?hehehee!!I'll post the photos soon!!Thanks for dropping by!!^_^
@Dee:Minsan lang yang medyo mahaba na post ^_^ First time ko lang yatang mag post ng entry na mahaba eh lol!!Yap,you're right--couples do need time like that.Halos lahat kasi ng couples eh nakatali na sa pang araw-araw na gawain at minsan nakakalimutan na to spend time together.
Btw,Congratulations for winning the EIB,Dee!!More power to you!!^_^

Enchie said...

Its nice to take some time-off from the ususal. Pareho tayo, I enjoy a couple of drinks with my husband when its just the 2 of us and we go out for a walk, plus I also choose not to take pictures... naturally, you forget about taking pictures and you just cherish the moment.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hello sis,musta na? minsan ok din wala ang kids ...tapos kayo lang dalawa..magmoment...minsan lang naman. ^_^

nakakamiss din pag mawalay ang magulang sa kids...kahit ilang araw if naman meron na akong kids hehe..gagawa na nga kami nxt yr..para malaman ko ang feeling. L.O.L!

Seiko said...

It's really good havin' some time w/ just only the two of you w/o the kids around.Naku Mommy Clarisse,pareho tayo walang alam na bagong kanta ngayon,kaya pag kasama ko mga dalagas ko my gally nakangiwi dahil hindi pa daw sila buhay dun sa mga kantang yon.
Btw,thanks for the good words you left in my page & for visiting me constantly even while 'm away.I have missed you too so much!
I'm encouraging you also to take an exam to become a Japanese citizen,medyo madali naman ang exam eh,I guess magaling ka ng mag nihonggo & magaling na ring bumasa ng kanji's & I'm sure wala ka na ring prob sa pagbasa ng katakanas & hiraganas.Mas maraming benefits when you become a citizen medyo mahigpit nga lang sila pagdating sa interviews & exams but i guess kakayanin mo.:)Sodan ni noremasu yo.Kitte kudasai ne.Yorokonde oshiemasu node.Jya!:D

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

LOL as in laughing outloud. KAWAIIIII naman ni Wakaba.. daddy's girl talaga sya. Kakatuwa naman ang pagseselos nya pero atleast di sya yung talagang super possessive hehe..

Lam mo, maganda talaga yang paminsan minsan nag-de-date kayo na parang koibito, lalo na ngayon medyo di na baby mga girls, pwedi na sila iwan sandali sa mga inlaws. Kami ni hubby, di pa kami nakakapag-date ng kami 2 lang eversince nanganak ako. Dami ko na nga na-missed na movies sa sinehan eh. Pero ok lang, family date na ngayon.

Saya ng date nyo, ang bilis siguro ng oras, di nyo namalayan.. syempre sa reminiscing palang. Wish ko sana this year, mabuo na si Yo Kun (little Yochan)

JonaBQ said...

good for you to have a date. i want to hear about the "against all odds love story" of yours.

btw got a tag for you. 8 things tag.

thanks and have a nice day!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Ahhhh napaka sweet naman ng anak mo clar, nag seselos pag nagdidate si mommy at daddy. hhhmmmm I was wondering ano kaya kababalaghang nangyayari inside the apt after you two were drunk hhmmmmm lol.

kamz said...

so cute! antagal ko na ring di nakasama si hubby ko alone! na miss ko na.. wala kasing mapag-iwanan kay sam eh! heeheh btw, i have a tag for you sis! here's the link:

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