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Tsuruga- jo Castle --A Golden Week Episode

Tsuruga- jo Castle is one of the biggest castles in eastern Japan.

I know, I know--- It' s not cool to go other places on Golden Week holiday most especially on some tourist spots here in Japan... Golden Week means over- flowing of people going on vacation and clogging the roads and hey, the ETC is almost half the price and the toll fee from the highway is only 1,000 yen on holidays! ( that' s why most of the people is taking the opportunity to travel most especially on GW ) And so as we travelled from the highway took us 3 hours from our place just to get there ( as expected ). We' re glad that Wakaba and Haruka didn' t get cranky or something and enjoyed our trip ^_^ The inside of the castle tower is a museum--- some floors in the musuem does not allowed a camera inside in which I have seen the Family crests of the castle lords, a real Katana and Kabuto and some features of the Tsuruga-jo castle that interests me.

Tsuruga-jo Castle

Inside the museum ---you can try on a kimono

during the time of the battle
Aka Beko

Kami Tobi--- paper hawk ( isn' t it cool?? )

Tea Ceremony Room Rinkaku --- you can order a cup of tea with snack ( mochi ) for 500 yen

The view at the top of the castle

At the Castle Gallery and shop --- Geta ( Japanese slippers )


It began in 1384 when ASHINA Naomori built Higashi Kurokawa Yakata.It was rebuilt by ASHINA Moriuji who made the prototype of the present castle.In 1591, a 7-story castle was constructed by GAMO Ujisato, who named it Tsuruga-jo. After it was damaged by the big earthquake of 1611, KATO Akinari repaired it and constructed a 5-story castle like the present one in 1639.In 1868, during the Boshin Civil War, in which the imperial army fought the Tokugawa Shogunate Regime, the castle was attacked by troops of the new goverment who were in support of the Meiji Restration and in 1874 it was finally demolished.IN 1934, the castle ruins were declared a national historical site as Wakamatsu-jo castle. The current castle tower was rebuilt on the original site with the support of the local citizens, in 1965.

Tsuruga-jo Official Website


Clarissa said...

Tadaima!! I'm back!\(^0^)/

pet said...

hi aling clarissa, halatang halata na nag enjoy ka sa gala..laging labas ang ngipin mo sa picture..hahahahahha..wag mapikon ha, ang pikon ay laging talo...

Cecile said...

Clang thanks for sharing with us one of the interesting histories of Japan :-).

Dee said...

Wow! Lovely, lovely pictures! Ang ganda ng castle! I would have loved to see that place! I'm super fond of castles!

Glad you had a great time, Clarissa! I'm sure it's such a fun and enjoyable trip! I can see how much you and your family enjoyed!

Thanks for sharing these. I had really a great time reading and looking at your photos! :)

Dhemz said...

oh how I love all the photos Mami Clang...ang saya-saya..nag bonding pala kayo....thanks for sharing the pics...:)

woi kakaloka don't be envious kasi am sure your hubby has his own way on making you happy....:) ako pag nalimutan ni hubby mag buy ng flowers in a month..I tease him...hahhaa...way of reminding him....nasanay na kasi si lola mo may flowers every month...yan lang kasi nagpapakiliti sakin...hehehe...:)

kumusta ka na jan Mami Clang? kapoy kaba diha? enjoy the rest of the Golden Week...:)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, ang gaganda ng mga pics mo...para din japanese ang beuty mo ah. chingkit din. salamat sa pag share.

EJ said...

Tadaima, I am back too hehehe..

Those are gorgeous photographs Ms. Clarissa. I love those phtoos that you took from the top..

Chubskulit Rose said...

so pretty ng place Rizza. Natatwa ako sa posing nyong magiina hehehe.. Manang mana sayo ang poses.. great kizuna!

Beth said...

hi clarisse, ang ganda talaga sa Japan! Very interesting din kasi ung history and culture nila e. I just wish makarating ako diyan someday! :)

anney said...

Nagliwaliw ka na namn pala! Buti ka pa lagi nakakalayas kaya dami pictures! Ang cute ng mga slippers, pero mas cute dyan yung bakya ko. ahihihi!

Unknown said...

Ganyan talaga mommy clar, posing habang may oras pa hehehe. Pag lakwatsa na, I don't care if maraming tao o wala basta nag iinjoy ako. If im there sasama ako sayo, kahit hindi mo ako inimbita hehehe.
Nakakaconfuse talaga pag andito na ako sa kaharian mo madame clarissa. Akala ko ky sieko to, i have to go back to my site to check if tama ba pindot ko hehehe, hay buhay kapag tumatanda na talaga nagiging ulyanin na.
Cge punta muna ako sa iba natin ka tribu yads. btw, may pindot machine ka ba dito, para makapindot rin hehehe

Nanaybelen said...

Hi Clarissa. Mukhang enjoy ka nga. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing

eden said...

hi mommy clarss.. ganda ng mga photos. I wish to visit the place if given a chance..hehe..

thanks for sharing

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi rizza, please join us to have fun in the name tag. Seeya!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, oo nga tumatanda na ako 29 na ahaha...may award nga pala ko for you.

thank you so much for the birthday greetings. I linked you here. ^_^

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

dito ako bilib sa Japan.. nappreserve nila ang culture nila.. Kahit more than 500 yrs na.. sana ganun din sa atin.. ANg ayoko lang nga minsan, di sila nagpapasok ng may camera =( Ganda ng mga kuha mo, pwedi na pang amateur photography, at model na rin lol

OT: wait nyo na lang yung mail ko, send ko na talaga bukas promise.. dapat last week pa yun talaga, actually nung mother's day pa dapat.. *mwah* OYASUMI

Momgen said...

Wow very pretty in here thanks for the visit. My son's name is Christopher Stephen...TC Your kids are pretty too.

Itaku801 said...

Kawaii blog, Nee-san ^^
thank's to tou and you're info. It's help me with my report ^^

Arigatou ^^

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