Monday, March 16, 2009

Pepperoncino Pasta

It's been a while I haven't been posting some cooking thingy in my blog so here again for some of my recipe. For those who are garlic lovers - these recipe is for you. Enjoy! ^_^

Ingredients: (good for 3 serving)
Spaghetti - 300g
mushroom - ( in can ), brown or white 60 g
shitake mushroom - 1 pack
bacon - 4pcs
onion - 1 pc,small
spinach- 1/2 pack
garlic - 2 cloves

pastas boiled water- 4 tablespoon
salt- 1/2 teaspoon
black pepper(coarse)
soysauce- 2 teaspoon

1: Make garlic chips for one clove (put olive oil and the garlic on fry pan, start heat( low ) , wait until the chips are brown

2: Chop the other garlic, cut the onion lengthwise, and bacon into small pieces

3: Boil pasta ( with salt and oil in it ) minus one minute according to your pasta package direction - don’ t discard the boiled water

4: Put olive oil in a fry pan, add chopped garlic and bacon, stir fry then add the vegetables except for the spinach

5: Add A then the pasta, and the spinach. Mix. Taste with salt and pepper

6: Arrange in platter, top in black pepper ( small amount for those who have kids ) and garlic chips.

Serve with vegetable salad and hot soup! Enjoy!


pet said...

hanggang sa titig na lang ako sa finish product mo tita clarissa...

gustuhin ko man e di ko sya makuha kase asa ere nga sya..waaaaaaaa

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

mukhang masarap to ha... garlic lovers kami ni hubby... ma-try nga this week.. thanks ate! mwah

Reena said...

hi! i hopped from dee. :)

the food looks delish! i like cooked garlic! and it's good for the health pa. :)

i'll be dropping by again soon.

Dee said...

Hi Clarissa! :D

Honestly, nagutom talaga ako when I saw this food. Kasi the thing is, I really love pa naman everything in this recipe like the pasta, bacon, mushroom, etc. Now, I'm craving for pasta. I will really soon buy ingredients. :D

Take care.:D

eds said...

naku ayos tong recipe mo ate izza.. malamang itry ko ito one of these days.. hehe kelangan ko pakainin ng maraming garlic sa habibi at nakupo tumataba eh at baka magkasakit sa puso..

Cecile said...

wow, this looks yummy! i love garlic and i will definitely try this recipes one of these days. thanks for sharing this recpe, Clarissa :-)

anney said...

naku ako mahilig ako sa garlic. Ginutom naman ako dito. Pinaglaway moko sa picture hahaha!

eden said...

ang sarap naman nito mommy clars.. meron pang spinach at mushroom my favourites actually.

makes me hungry looking at the pic..lolz

Dhemz said...

wow Mommy Clang...maglaway man sad ta aning imong pagkaon uy....hehehe..very healthy...napay mushrooms..agoy pagkalami..never have this before...hehhe..thanks for sharing the recipe...mahilig ka jud ug luto!

Beth said...

ang sarap nito!!! gustong gusto ko ng pasta na olive oil ska garlic ang flavor! yummy, gawin ko to minsan, salamat sa recipe! :)

Mommy Liz said...

Anak ng Patis, pano ba papayat ang tao, eh tuwing napunta koko dito, food na katakot takot at ang sasarap pa ng nakikita ko, ehehehe! wala bang pang diet na post dyan?
Buti na lang di mahilig si hubby sa garlic pasta, kundi, naku!

How are you?

Kim, USA said...

I love spinach!! Gagayahin ko din ito claire thanks!

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