Wednesday, March 18, 2009

25 Random Things

I was tagged by Dee, Ate Cecile, , Dhemz, and Grace to talk about 25 Random Things about me. Another long tag but enjoyed doing them! Thank you very much!! ^_^

Here it is:
1: After I decided to get married, I quit smoking.

2: Stopped clubbing, partying.

3: But didn't stop drinking alcohol. ^_^

4: Dyed my colored hair into black.

5: Cut my nail short and with no nail arts on it.

6: Gained 5 kilos.

7: Before - my husband wanted me to speak up everything I have in mind.

8: Now - he wanted me to shut up! ^_^

9: I love chocolates - I love eating them most especially when tired.

10: I'm a softie. (T_T)

11: I love the word ' FREE '

12: But my weakness word is ' Premium ' and ' Limited '.

13: Opening spam mails most especially when the subject title is ' Want to have a fuller breasts? '

14: I don' t want to leave the house without a spray of my fave perfume.

15: I don' t know how to cook pinoy dish except for giniling.

16: Having a pollen allergy is killing me during Spring time.

17: I don' t lose an inch even when sick! grrr!!

18: Don' t know why but I gross when I saw a piece of food left in the sink.

19: I'm losing words and so I decided to add from my very first post AROUND 30

20: Getting lost--Due to my husband's work, we're always moving from one place to another and finding it hard to find our ' where the hell our new apartment is?! '

21: No cellphone -- I don' t have a cellphone in hand and I don't need one! I find iPhone 3G interesting but I guess it just doesn't fit my simple lifestyle.

22: Blowing on top -- I tried yoga , meditation and deep breathing and still find that screaming into the mountain is the best anger relief there is.

23: Chat --I haven' t chated for six years!! My last time was my chat mate told me that there' s a Kentucky chain near Sphinx and I thought that it was only a joke but there' s also a movie theater which I have learned after. And my image for Sphinx was destroyed!!

24: Free cosmetics -- I' m using my cosmetics for what I get for free from department stores,drug stores,etc ( although I have some in my dresser, Agnes B is my fave ) coz I usually go out without make - up on and even if I did, the size of those samples is just enough for me.

25: I'm glad I reached #25!

I'm tagging everybody!! Happy blogging!! ^_^


Clarissa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clarissa said...

Dear Friends,
Thanks for dropping by!I'll be out tomorrow till weekend and I'll be back to your respective sites soon.I'm loaded with responsibilities as of now but you're not forgotten.Your visits here is very much appreciated.Thank you very much!^_^


pet said...

ano ka ba tita clarissa, kelangan mo ng iphone 3g dahil sa style nga ng buhay mo di ba? wag na matakot sa nangyari dati, wala na yon dati pa yun..nagpapahuli ka sa uso, kaya naman bumili..buti kung di mo naman kaya di ba?

eds said...

hiningal din ako kababasa sa 25 random things na yan hehe.. pero nakakaaliw ha.. parang type ko rin un maglabas ng anger through screaming ah.. haha

ikaw talga kuya payatot mamaya maconvince mo na nga si ate issa na bumili ng iphone 3g.. o kaya magblackberry storm ka na lang makakapagblog ka habang naghihintay ng chikiting hehehe

Mommy Liz said...

7: Before - my husband wanted me to speak up everything I have in mind.

8: Now - he wanted me to shut up! ^_^

this is my favorite of all..hahahaha!!!

Great post Clarissa, I love reading things about others. That's how I learn to accept who they are..Take care

anney said...

hehehe! talaga giniling lang alam mong pinoy na lutuin? lakihan mo lang ang baboy pwede ng maging menudo ang giniling mo. O ayan tip yan ha? 2 na alam mo ngayun. hehehe! Buti naman magaling ka na. kainis yang allergy na yan no?

Nanaybelen said...

hello here. nakikibasa sa iyong tag. nakakaaliw

Anonymous said...

dami ah anyway natawa ako sa number 7 and 8 mo parang asawa ko ngayun naccgawan ko na pag o kya minsan trip ko xa gulatin sisigaw lang ako sa pinto ng office nya naku sasabihin don't do that again pero palagi ko ginagawa haha anyway ganyan talaga buhay,bakit nman dika marunong galing mo nga magluto ng mga japanese na pagkain eh kung kaya mo yan lutuin kaya mo din lutuin yung pinoy food,

tama c mommy liza thats our favorite hehe

niko said...

am smiling while reading ur random things.. u seeem so funny girl tlga clang..

take care on ur weekend escapades dearie!!

Dhemz said...

Mommy Clang...hehhe..thanks for sharing...glad to know some facts about you...woi busy ka na naman...hehehe...dont forget to update us're not forgotten too mommy dha permi...kisses kay Wakaba and Haruka...:) I will be busy too kay mag garden na sad ko...heheh...wala nadala akong PMS sa beer uy..ahak kaayo...hehee!


Kitty said...

This is really funny, Clarissa. I was smiling habang binabasa ko ito. It's really so nice to know more about you. Have a happy weekend! :D

Cecile said...

thanks for posting the tag, dear :-) and to getting to know you better through this post :-)

eden said...

nice to know more about you mommy clars. happy weekend..

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