Sunday, December 21, 2008

Honda Thanks Day 2008

F1 Honda Machine

Our family went to ENJOY HONDA! HONDA RACING THANKS DAY 2008 last November 24 at Twin Ring Motegi, Japan.We arrived there at 5:30 A.M. (spent 2 and a half drive using the highway) and the reason why we have to be there early is that there are very lucky persons that can go for a track tour whilw Super GT cars where taking some hot laps and we want to experience them through a raffle.Honda provided a two different kinds of tour- a bus tour (4 years unlucky) and the other was ride in an actual Super GT car with Super GT driver(4 years unlucky with that one,too) but LUCKILY, I was able to ride with Honda Civic (racing based) with Nakayama as my rookie driver. My first time to experience to seat in a full bucket seat at the navigation seat over full speed race with Super GT. A short two laps and short curves ( I guess the curves called the pairon sequence,I don't know) was my experience of a lifetime that's of full fun and excitement! For those who loves Honda--this is for you! Enjoy!!^_^

Me-- nervous but full of excitement!!

Off we go!! I can' t imagine how fast we' ll go!! The driver drives me C-R-A-Z-Y!!

Introducing the Super GT 's --- RAYBRIG




F1 Honda driver Jenson Button talk show

As the opening ceremony starts, so is with the fun! We did a lot of walking through the paddock and saw some Honda raching machine, new Honda Accord,Honda cars,watched Jenson Button's talk show at the stage and watching some Motorcycle performances,GT special race,Formula One and Indy hot performances at the grandstand!
Towards the end of the finale, scattered rain starts and the program did some changes but Honda didn't frustrate the fans-- Honda brought their road racing bikes,Super GT cars, Formula One machine and Jenson Button did a doughnut spin over the rain!! F1 is such a crazy world and I like it!!!
The smokes, the burned smell of the tires,the sights and the banging on the throttles of the sounds of the Honda machine were AMAZING!!! ( or maybe I'm just crazy coz I didn't have enough sleep,only 2 hours of sleep).
I was about to say " See you next year,Honda team--at Formula one! Hoping that it'll be a good year for the team!!" but I guess all of the Honda fans are mourning about the news recently that Honda is quitting Formula One. The truth is we were looking forward for the race at Suzuka for Japan Grand Prix next year but I guess it is impossible now.

So I guess I'll end with a message as a Honda fan--THANK YOU, AND I WILL ALWAYS BE A HONDA FAN!!!

here's some video of it from youtube--- enjoy!


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