Sunday, December 21, 2008

AROUND 30 ( My Life )

1: Getting lost--Due to my husband's work, we're always moving from one place to another and finding it hard to find our " where the hell our new apartment is?! "

2: No cellphone-- I don't have a cellphone in hand and I don't need one! I find iPhone 3G interesting but I guess it just doesn't fit my simple lifestyle.

3: Blowing on top-- I tried yoga , meditation and deep breathing and still find that screaming into the mountain is the best anger relief there is.

4: Chat--I haven't chated for six years!! My last time was my chat mate told me that there's a Kentucky chain near Sphinx and I thought that it was only a joke but there's also a movie theater which I have learned after. And my image for Sphinx was destroyed!!

5: Free cosmetics--I'm using my cosmetics for what I get for free from department stores,drug stores,etc (although I have some in my dresser,Agnes B is my fave) coz I usually go out without make-up on and even if I did,the size of those samples is just enough for me.

6: Spam emails-- Opening every spam emails that I've got that promises to make the breast bigger because, well, I'm a little curious! LOL! And oh, did you know that if your bra cup size is still the same that your'e wearing for years,there's a tendency that your'e not wearing your exact bra cup size.Me? I lost one cup size down!

7: Instant noodles--Everytime I feel lazy or something, I always depend on instant noodles for lunch.Alhough it's instant, I always add boiled vegetables(cabbage,onion,carrot,and spinach) and never discarded the boiled water using in boiling the veggies coz it can be used for boiling the noodles.And when done, top in vegetables for added volume.

8: Day dreaming-- The China dress that I bought 10 years ago will fit again, without having to endure of food poisoining first.

9: Can't swim---I'm afraid of the sea if the sea level is up to my neck!!

10: Shhhh --- After 7 years of living in Japan, I was able to ride in a bus ALONE! And that was last week! \(^0^)/

My 1o facts about me to start my blog--Whew!!!


niko said...

nice to know this ten lovely details about you!!

although late, id like to welcome u to blogging world! it will be worth a while, i found true friends in here and hope u find one too!

take care always clarissa! that was long huh! what;s ur nick name ?? :D

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