Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy Preparation

Getting children prepared for school is not a simple thing. There is so much planning that goes into getting them ready for school and we have been busy getting all the school stuff that Haruka chan will need in preparation for first grade. In Japan, school starts in April so the parents have to prepare for that. Well anyway, here's the stuffs that we prepared for Haruka ^_^

Haruka chan's new Study Desk~ it has a built in bookshelf, which is a popular design in Japan as a space saver. It comes with an alarm clock, electric pencil sharpener, led desk lamp, chair and globe as set for 40,000 japanese yen.

Wakaba chan and Haruka chan's Hello Kitty Thermos~ My kids bring bottled water everyday at school and they need spill proof water bottles to keep water cold during summer and warm mugi cha ( roasted barley drink ) during the winter.

Toothbrush set~ they will need it after eating their lunch at school

Rilakkuma Shoe Bag, Uwabaki ( in Japan school, kids remove their shoes at the entrance at the school and put on indoor shoes ), Rilakkuma pencil case

We bought her a formal pink suit to wear on her Entrance Ceremony and of course, the traditional Randoseru ( a leather school backpack for 50,000 japanese yen ). Most kids usually have one randoseru that lasts them throughout their 6 years in elementary school.


Mrs. Kolca said...

50,000 japanese yen? parang ang mahal sis.. ang cute ng toothbrush set! excited na din ako for my daughter.. she's going to school this june..^^

Clarissa said...

Randoseru here is really pricey sis most especially that her randoseru is a 2012 model^_^ Actually,first grade lang naman talaga mahal ang gastos at gagamitin naman ang randoseru hanggang 6th grade sila.

Jessica said...

awww! the fun and learning begins :-) She is a cutie Sis :-) love all her adorable and colorful. Dropping by from CC.

Kim, USA said...

Oh my she is pretty big now and in school already. Love her special nook. ^_^

Color Connection

Chie said...

What a neat study desk! April pala ang start ng school sa Japan. Now i know. Thank you for the info sis. These pink stuffs here are pretty. I like most the thermos..super cute.

KM said...

How cute naman her computer chair is :) And good that those bags last for six years ah. Tipid ;)

Here for Color Connection ^^

niko said...

grabe ganun kamahal ung table at bag ni haruka??? OMG!!! pero sabi mo nga matagal na gamitan naman so keribels lng :)

misssu teh! i know bc bc ka jan.. hope everything is well! email kta later heehe

Rosemarie-Singlemom's Nook said...

oh! I love her leather school back, I like the color, anyway late visit for CC last week, mine is up at,

see you there!!!

darly said...

ang cu-cute talaga ng mga kiddie stuff dyan sa Japan, if i were my daughter- sisipagin talaga ako pumasok sa school because of my pretty school items.

mrs. kolca said...

Hi sis! I wanna hug u right now. Thank you sa gift. Muah muah muah! ♡

Do you have other blogs na active? This one is inactive na.

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