Sunday, January 29, 2012

2011 Christmas Stage Play

I remember saying Haruka chan that she likes the role Mother Mary the time we attended her big sissy Wakaba's Christmas Stage Play during her kindergarten years. Haruka chan did her part of her role as 'The star' during her 2010 Christmas Stage Play and she did an excellent performance but I remember her still wanting the role Mother Mary. Mid-October of last year she said she passed the audition for the role mother Mary - finally! She was so exited and I can't remember for how many times she practiced the lines, singing in the bathroom room, singing while walking on our way home, whenever she's doing something, sometimes she'll hum the song lol!
I adviced her to make her voice louder when singing onstage so that the audience could hear her but she said 'Mother Mary is the chosen one so her voice must be soft not loud.' LOL!

Well anyway here's the photos and video of her as mother Mary during the Christmas stage play in yochien. A very proud moment of her that made my heart swell with pride (o^∀^o)

Haruka chan as Mother Mary

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anne said...

Oh she is so lovely! Very...
visiting you from Kids in Doodles Clar... Mine is here Little World of Fun thanks

Olga said...

Wow, great job Haruka! Nurture your talents and shine for Jesus. :D

jared's little corner said...

way to go Haruka Chan! you are so serious with your craft you'd probably become a stage actress when you grow up! ^_^

thanks for joining k.i.d! :)

Unknown said...

surely your parents are super proud of you.. great job!

hope to see u @ my sons KnD post

Chubskulit Rose said...

Galing galing naman ni Mama Mary, I love their costumes too!

Rachelle said...

Good to know that at her young age, she looks up to be like Mama Mary. You're a lucky mom!
visiting from KID

Dhemz said...

wow! pretty gosh! you guys must be very proud of her...ang cute nila!

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