Thursday, October 13, 2011

Haruka's Observation Day

Haruka had her Observation Day at school in kindergarten and it was a good timing to tag-along Wakaba chan with me because Haruka's big sissy didn't have her class during that day. We observed the whole class but then Haruka's teacher invited Wakaba to play with them and joined the class~ it was kinda special observation day with special guest lol! The kids made a cone out of colored paper and used soap to make bubbles for the 'ice cream' and gave 'em to the parents. I was kinda WOW when my daughter Haruka handled me PLENTY of it which made my eyes rolling of how to bring them at home lol!
Wooden toys and hand puppets
Wakaba chan feeling nostalgic ~ Haruka chan's classroom was the same room during her time in kindergarten
The kids used whisk to make lighter, fluffier eggs errr I mean bubbles with less effort LOL!
dyaraannn! ' Ice cream ' for Mommy! ^_^


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Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow parang ang saya saya magschool dyan sa Japan Clang, anbg daming creative activities! Nalinked na kita Clang. Thanks so much for joining.

Pink MagaLine said...

Baket ganun sis? Parang sugary masyado ang ice cream dyan? Parang dirty ice cream dito saten ang hitsura. Hihi. Happy weekend!

Dhemz said...

wow, busy na busy ang mga bagets...daming activities...looks fun!

imriz said...

ang saya saya naman ng school jan, parang they were having fun lang.

niko said...

bongga ni wakaba at sya ang special guest :) super saya and proud mo siguro teh, ipasa mo ibang 'ice cream' dito!! hihihi

super fun ng mga activities ng mga kiddos mo teh. what's the counterpart ng 'observation day' ng mga bata jan dito sa pinas??

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