Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pretty Cure All Stars Show

Heart Catch Pretty Cure ( Cure Marine and Cure Blossom)

One of the most awaited part of the summer activities of my kids is watching quality live stage shows where they could see their favorite heroines really upclose and enjoyed fun activities like choreography dancing and singing and shaking their favorite heroines hands after the show. Last year we went to a summer special event for families and the fun includes some games, pools, gourmet and a live show performance of Pretty Cure All Stars which happened to be my kids favorite anime character on TV. And because they're 17 Jewels, the stage were too small for them lol! Wakaba and Haruka enjoyed a lot most especially when we bought character figures for them that day^_^
Pretty Cure Splash Star ( Cure Egret and Cure Bloom)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart ( Cure Black, Shiny Luminous and Cure White )

Fresh Pretty Cure ( Cure Berry, Cure Passion, Cure Peach and Cure Pine )

Pretty Cure 5 Go Go! ( Cure Mint, Cure Rouge, Milky Rose, Cure Dream, Cure Lemonade, Cure Aqua)

17 Jewels Pretty Cure All Stars

Watch my kids dance, they really love Pretty Cure!

Got this from Youtube, it's the same of what we saw on the show

Isn't it so much fun to go back and just yank them all out and just sit there and reminisce? ^_^
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Chubskulit Rose said...

Awwww so much fun for the kids, ganda naman. Bilib ako sa mga junakis mo clang, sila ang mas magandang Cure hehehe..

Sent something for Haruka pala..

The Book of Shadows (The Dark Side) said...

Wow, this sure made me smile.. I can imagine how the feelings go...

Oh yes, found you through Nostalgic Thursday.. :) and here is my post..

My 1st time taking part in this meme though and I hope I did a good sharing..

By the way, nice meeting you... :) *HUG*

lina@women's perspectives said...

No wonder your kids love the show :)

Rossel said...

ang cute naman. ang ganda talaga ng mga anime dyan ano? gayang-gaya pati nila. i am sure naghihintay na naman nila ang summer fun activities.

momgen said...

Ganda tingnan. Thanks for sharing. Mine is up also.

Shengkay said...

ay ako like ko din mga ganyan..

mine is up too mommy..

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Like other kids their age, your kids are also crazy about their favorite anime TV show. These particular characters are not yet available here in the Phils that is why I do not recognize them. Your kids had a blast watching their favorite heroines on stage. Buying them character figures of their heroines was the icing on the cake. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Cecile said...

can't blame them...this cure is pretty cute, just like Haruka and Wakaba :-)!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Clarissa kumusta na kayo? Naapektuhan ba kayo nang earthquake at tsunami na tumama sa Japan? I am so worried about you guys. Sana naman ay okay ang kondisyon ninyo at wala kayong anumang pinsala sa earthquake at tsunami. I am praying for you guys. Pray always and trust God. He will keep you safe and protect you from all harm. God bless you all always.

Lainy said...

Very nice. It's always great to see children's show showcasing their talents and also wearing their colorful costumes.

BTW, since the quake and tsunami yesterday, I am more concerned of the people there in Japan. I hope you and your family are well. I am praying for everyone's safety.

Love and Hugs,


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