Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!!

I hope your holidays have been filled with loved ones! I wanna greet you all a Happy 2011! To all my friends, readers of my outlet Kizuna and Brilliant Days, thank you so much for your time of dropping by for a visit, for leaving messages and comments. Thanks a bunch!!
We celebrated the rest of the holidays at my In-Laws home just like of how we celebrate our New Year . The kids were picked up by their Grandparents and went to their grannies home to stay, ahead of us! I'm glad that Wakaba's chicken pox ( that she got from Haruka ) was cured and her homework from school was done and they've been waiting to be picked up by their Grand parents to stay for the holidays. The kids went 2 days ahead of us and we were left at the apartment, had a general cleaning and celebrated Yochan's 37th birthday two-gether. ^_^
Anyhow, I would like to introduce to you all the new addition in the family, the son of my SIL, 2 months old Younoshin! We didn't make it to visit at the hospital when he was born and I'm glad that I have finally cuddled him! Everybody was there (the Sasaki clan and family)during the New Year and here's another good news--my MIL doesn't need her crutch anymore! She can now walk without support and eventually she'll be back to work at her ramen shop(she had an injury from a car accident has been in and out from the hospital). I'm happy that she's recovering and getting better^_^

I wish you all abundant joy and happiness in your life!! Happy 2011!!!


Clarissa said...

And yes,I'm finally back!!!\(^0^)/

Chubskulit Rose said...

pwedeng pakagat,, he's so cute!

Unknown said...

ayyy so cute, pwedi pa kusi hehe.

Dhemz said... cute! glad to know na makalakaw na si MIL nimo mamiClang....:)

anney said...

Happy 2011 to you and your family! May God continue to shower you with so much blessings!

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