Monday, February 8, 2010

...and I met the Mushroom Family--finally!

--departure at Narita--

I would like to thank Niko of Niko's Blog, Yobib of Husband of a Blogger and their cutie daughter Yena for their precious time of coming their way from a wedding party all over to the hotel that we stayed for one night at Manila before our next flight to the province---it was such a busy day for them but still they made it just to meet my family. It was my first time to meet a friend on line personally and yes, I'm a lil bit shy of meeting them but the lovely couples were so friendly and warm and Yena played with Wakaba and Haruka. We really had a great time talking to each other even for just a couple of hours and we were entertained by Yena' s bahay kubo songs in which at first she was saying "ayaw" but I bribed her with chocolates and then she sang!LOL! She' s such a smart kid! I thought she would stop singing at the first phrase of the song but she sang it all so well! I was amazed by her counting in english and tagalog version,too! Can't help but hugged her because of her kawaiiness!! The Eras Family--Yobib, Niko and Yena

Our daughters--Yena, Wakaba and Haruka
And we finally met for the very first time!!
Pose like a japanese,Yena! sabi ni Mommy lol!
There you go!! Well done,Yena!!^_^ Niko is seriously talking here but I can't help but smile at Yena
Husband of a (spoiled)Blogger and a very responsible father to Yena--nice meeting you,Yobib!at the lobby before they left, it took us another 30 minutes of talking and taking photos lol!
...and to tell you the truth, kulang talaga ang oras natin for all the chikahan that I don't want you guys to go home!
Good morning, Philippines!!

---Between Friends there is no tally sheet on the exchange of good deeds and kindness, but there is a shared memory and assurance of more good things yet to come.---

Have a nice day to ya'll!!


Cecile said...

it is very nice na nagkita na kayo ni Niko and her family; mukhang talagang nag enjoy kayo eh...cute talaga ang mga anak nyo eh :-)

Anonymous said...

wow buti nman at may nkipag meet sau at dika jan nag tampurorot hehe joke, galing nman ni yena c nicole nag count nga nilampasan yung 1-5 nag start xa sa 1 6 7 8 9 10 daw haha natawa ako,

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

Im so inggit but im happy for you guys.. Mushroom lover hehe.. good family indeed, Yena is so equally kawaii with your girls. I could imagine Yena how she shows her talents lol..

Looking forward for more chikka about your PI trip.

niko said...

look at the picture nung tatlong makulit?! parang nagkakaintindihan eh noh?? ang kukulit at ang sayang tingnan :)

i love the pix kahit dun sa iba labas ang akng taba at puro stolen prang gusto mo kong paiyakin ngaun, lol hahah.

thanks so much clang.. lets make it a tradition ha.. everytime uwe ka lets meet.. family reunion tau.. i wish and pray na next na mag meet tau may baby boy na tau pareho..

i miss your kids, they are soooo sweet.. miss their hugs.. kkatuwa even if we dont understand each other yakap lng solve na :D

i sent you email pra di masyado bumaha dito lol hahaha

and please dont spoil me and yena too much.. nkkakot pag nasanay ako lagot ka! iiyak ka iyaken hahahah


Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow ang ganda naman, sana pag uwi din namin may meet ako hehehe... I bet you have a blast sa bakasyon.. More photos please hahaha.. nabitin eh..

D.L. Verzosa said...

interesting post... can't wait for the next one!

BTW..check out my dad's north american adventure! have a great day!!!

R. said...

You guys are staying in Shang?
If am not mistaken, that is Shang!
I like Wakaba's do. If I go to a Korean hairdresser, do you think they can do that? Siguro no? ☮.♥.☆

anney said...

Ang saya saya naman! Cute naman together nung 3 bata batuta! Looking forward to seeing more vacation pics!!

redamethyst said...

wow! ang saya naman, nagkita kayo nila Niko.

kamz said...

ang saya naman ng get together ninyo ni anik mommy clang! i am glad na nagkita kayo... inggit ako pero i know one of these days, i will also get to see you guys! ang kukyut ng tatlong girls. so kawaii tingnan.. bibong bibo tingnan! wheee!!! parang matagal na cla magkakilala ano?

Dhemz said...

wowweeeee...buti kapa mamiClang may na met ka nang blogger friend.....good for yah...:) sana pag uwi ko 5 years from now, may mamemeet na akong ka!

mukhang masaya ang bakasyon grande nyo sa pinas ah...more photos ha...plsssssss.....:)

thanks ulit sa them sweet of you....kasyang kasya kay akesha yung dress....:)

babawi ako sau next time...mwah!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Ang saya naman ng ibol ninyo clang. Ienjoyed looking at all the pictures. Yena, wakaba and haruka are now bff for life.

Its really feels good to meet our online friends ano. Well, im glad you guys had a blast with your first ibol. Nice family.

Mommy Liz said...

Wow, ang galing naman. sana next time, pati ako makasama sa chikahan, di ba para masaya at maingay lalo..

Seiko said...

Nakakainggit naman nagkita na kayo sa personal.hehe I bet talagang kulang ang oras ang bonding at chickahan sa picture lang kitang-kita na nag enjoy kayo.The kids are so cute.Warm hugs!

eden said...

That's very nice naman and so sweet of Niko and her family to meet you and your family. I can say that Wakaba and Haruka were so excited and happy too meeting Niko's daughter too

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