Monday, July 26, 2010

Couple's Corner--Our Different Talents

I don't know if I have talent--I used to dance at the centerstage and be on the spotlight but now I am dancing while vacuuming some house dust at every corner of the house lol! What else? I'm not a good writer kaya dinadaan ko na lang sa mga pics, not a good cook but I'm learning. I can't think of anything for myself but I guess I'm loving photography more. I'm a newbie in photography and I wanted to improve little by little so what I'm doing now is practice and take a shot of my kids as a subject.

My husband is the opposite of me--he's very good on numbers ( Wakaba is good on numbers,too. I bet she got it from her Dad ), an artist ( he's good on sketching or anything about crafts), a computer techie, a hands-on mechanic and knows about tools or anything on cars. He has a passion on cars and he's enhancing his driving skills on car race practices at the circuit. He also had a good sense of humor and I am his number one fan lol!

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chubskulit said...

Wow kaya pala magkasundong magkasundo kayo kasi humurous si Yochan, sarap pag kenkoy ang asawa dsiba hehehe. Ako nga walang talent.. Oiist pahumble ka dyan, ang galing mo kayang magluto Cloang.
Come and see our talents yeah right lol. see you in Nostalgia.

Mama Ko said...

Hehehe dancing vacuuming mn gyud hehehe. Well, we all have talent mine is eating waaa.

Dhemz said...

am sure you have talents mami just don't tell can sing and dance...ako tawon wala jud ko ka talent too, I love photography!

tatess said...

buti ka pa may dancing talent .pangarap kong makasayaw kaya lang puro kaliwa paa ko.

sa amin ako naman ang joker kaya aliw si hubby na laging serious sa buhay

imriz said...

wah, wala din akong specialized talent:(
btw, i like ur blog name, kizuna, but, i SUPER LIKE ur name...mine is with double zz, hehe.

Mommy Liz said...

ang dami namang talent ni hubby mo. siguro joker siya noh? kasi may sense of humor eh. good with numbers, parang normal sa guys ang good with numbers ah. dancing ka while vacuuming, wahahaha! ganyan na ata ang mangyayari kapag stay at home mom na lang, kumakanta habang naghuhugas ng pinggan, hehehe..

Bambie dear ★ said...

dami mo pa siguro hidden talents.. kaya ka din naging talento kasi may talent ka. WIth photography, ang gaganda kaya ng mga shots mo, interesting. Mga hubbies natin, magaling sa math. Mga japanese yata ganun, ako kailangan ko pa magcalcu.

anney said...

Buti ka nga marunong magsayaw e ako hindi talaga! hehehe!

Seiko said...

Ang galing naman atleast you know how to dance.Ako naman parehong kaliwa ang paa ko hehe.
Ganyan yata ang mga Japanese magagaling sila sa numbers,abstractcts,reading objects & maps.Numbers are just a piece of cake lang siguro talaga sa mga hapones kahit sa mga anak ko hehe hindi ako manalo isma mo na ang 2 kamay at paa ko hindi pa rin uubra sa kanila hehe.
Thanks for the visit Mommy Clang kahit na busy ka may time ka pring dumalaw.Ako mgapost lang then hindi na talaga nakakapagblog hop.
Anyway hindi man ako makabisita sa inyo but that doesn't mean nakalimutan ko na kayo.Alam ko naman kasi na nandyan lang kayo hehe tiwala masyado.
Hayan humaba tuloy comment ko dito post yata itong ginawa ko eh hehe.
Take care always & God bless!Enjoy your summmer!Mwah!

Seiko said...

Btw,I like your new lay out ang ganda & so cool!Hindi ko nalaman bago na pala ang layout mo :)

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