Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's Day Chocolate

On Valentine's Day here in Japan, it is only the women who gives presents ( mainly chocolate ) to the men and unlike the West, sending Valentine's card is not common. I've been craving for roses and chocolates during Valentine's Day but no, this is Japan and it's my husbands' culture!! (T_T)There are two types of giving chocolates to men: The ' Honmei chocolate ' , the obvious (homemade) and or expensive ones. A woman gives the honmei chocolate to their loved ones. The second one is the ' Giri chocolate ', it is the obligatory chocolate a woman buys or make for male friends,co-workers or classmates. Men, who received chocolate on Valentine's Day should return the favor on White Day,March 14.

I've tought of ordering a chocolate for my husband on-line and I found this( photo above ) chocolate sets from Frenz of Kobe sweets for 6,000 yen. So expensive, though! What do you think? It is a spana, pench, monkey wrench, tiny bolt, and plug chocolates.

Or how about this one of Royce' from Hokkaido sweets? I love their potato chips coated with chocolate! If you visit Japan, you should taste their chocolate varieties-- I would highly recommend this choco!! Or maybe you find Royce' chocolate there in your country, most especially the ' nama ' (fresh ) ones, please try.

Help me to choose!!! \(^0^)/


She said...

hi, you have an interesting site here. before i got the pleasure of checking out your blog i had been seeing your name in Richards' so i got curious. I am not your follower, hope its ok with you.

Nice meeting you thru our respective sites!!

Umma said...

OMG! all I thought the pictures were not chocolate.. so cute and artistic talaga.

I can relate Clarz bec my hubby is a Korean and their tradition during Valentine's day is that the girl should be the one to gift gifts, flowers or chocolate..pareho pala sa Japan.

But nabaligtad bec I dont give him anything.. of course he needs to be the one to give me flowers and gift hahaha.

Manang Kim said...

Wow that is so cool. I wish we had that kind of design here. I didn't know that, that is the culture of Japan on valentines day. The good thing though they reciprocate the giving on March 14 and that is so sweet. Happy weekend.

Mom of Four said...

Ay! I Love that one, the wrench shaped chocolates. My hubby collects tools and he would love that (but he doesn't eat chocolates) ay ako na lang ang kakain. I will give it to him, then ako ang tsitsibug, oh di ba? You know what your hubby wants, it should be hard for you to choose.

She said...

Good morning! Thank you for visiting me on my site and linking me to your site. It is my pleasure having another link to another blogger like you!! Have a nice day today!!

Cecile said...

i like those chocolates :-), pretty nice :-)

how was your saturday, dear?

thanks for stopping by always on my blogs and have a nice sunday!

chubskulit said...

chocolate tools hmmmnn interesting hehehe...

I have moved the tag to my Etecetera blog Clarz, if you are done posting pls let me know so I can add u on the list to the post...

Have a blessed sunday!

Anonymous said...

wow nman i like tools haha chocolate pla yan haha its a cool and artistic hmmm

Dhemz said...

wow! hahha,,,kakaloka naman tong chocolates nato..kala ko d edible...hehhe!

*wow! bonga din pala yung flavor ng siopao jan Mommy Clarz...hahha..kakatuwa ano..may ibang flavor din!

ano plan nyo for VD Mommy Clarz? samin mukhang wala eh...hehhe...tahimik ni mister...hehhe! crisis kaya...hehhe:)

^`º_ßÖßËLLê^ª* said...

Wow sistah napaka bongga nanaman ng chocolate hahaha sarap,,ganyan pala sa japan no??hay ako nga gift ko sa honey this coming valentines day,,Nagpabili ako sa tita ko ng heart-shape chocolate cake with baloons pa,hahaha para maiba naman,,HIndi ko kasi lam reregalo sa kanya kasi lahat nasa kanya na..What do u think about that sis??

Clarissa said...

@She: Thanks for dropping by!! I followed your blog,hope you don't mind..:)
@Mommy Umma: I just read your blog-- your banana is so sweet!!Thanks for dropping by!:)
@Ate Kim: Iba-iba ang designs ng choco dito!at sana I won't be receiving a T-back from someone I don't know during White Day!Thanks for dropping by!:)
@Mommy Liza: Yap,ang hirap ngang mag-choose--gusto ko nga yang car maniac set choco kaya lang baka maubos ang allowance ko!LOL!Thanks for dropping by!:)
@She(again): Thank YOU,She!!:)
@Ate Cecile: Ok lang ang weekend namin,Te kaya lang di ako maka-visit sa mga blogs nyo sa weekends.Family time kasi eh!!Babawi na lang ako sa ibang araw!Thanks for dropping by!:)
@Ate Rose: I'll post them po,thanks for always including me on your tags lists,Te!!Thanks for dropping by!!:)
@ Sister Grace and Mommy Dhemz: Matagal na din akong di pinapakilig ni hubby ko eh!Thank you po for dropping by!!:)
@Sister Anabelle: dapat nga sa Valentine's Day,araw para sa mga babae noh,kaya lang dito hinde!(T_T)

eds said...

parang kahirap ata kainin ng chocolate na liyabe at iba pang gawa sa bakal.. looks realistic huh.. hehe anyway love ur site.. :)

Clarissa said...

@Eds: Thanks for dropping by,Eds!You're in my lists now para maligaw ang kaluluwa ko sa site mo!^_^Have a nice day!

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